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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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In memory of Anton LaVey, 1930 Apr 11 -> 1997 Nov 29, five years gone. Founder of the Church of Satan. I never met him.

Copied from madora.

Photos of the boarded up Black House, taken when I was in San Francisco in 2001. Ya it was kind of a pilgramage :-). It has since been demolished.

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it looks so small and humble.

Ya, it was definately the odd one out!

The postcard appears to read: April 11, 1930 -> October 29, 1997. (The Americans are still writing their dates the old fashioned way. ;) I have the incessant desire to tickle Mr. LaVey whenever I see his serious-grim looking photos. :)

I've corrected my entry! Thanks for noticing! Ya, he was a real prankster it's great the way he always looks so serious!

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