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"Some of us who went to religious school would try giving up masturbation for Lent, which is how Palm Sunday got its name."

Faaaaaantastic piece of knowledge there, that I didn't know! From "Guide to getting it on" by Paul Joannides, not to be mistaken with the "Girls' guide to getting it on" by Flic Everett, both of which are highly recommended. (Sex books are especially recommended to guys, we really need to read these things more).

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i have an interesing dvd, about eaten sexaul traditions, the karma suitra and all that

a bit hetrosexual and they do grugenly talk aboot condoms a bit, but VERY interstin still if u like that sort of thing;~o

There are some very good books out there on sexual practices. Personaly ive always prefered the more psychological books (my personal belief that once you get inside someones head its alot easier to give them pleasure) but all sex books are interesting reads (and the positions they sugest can have amusing results when tried)

I don't find any use from the position-sex books either. I agree with you that psychology is a better route to understanding, and therefore pleasing, people.

However the thing I get most from these books is (aside from dubious stats) physiology, and the differences between male/female bodies. I studied gender/sex development and child development psychology, so the physiology aspects have ... syngergy ... with my existing knowledge base so are more pleasent to read.

(Apologies for using that terrible, terrible commercial word. Like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, it just popped into my head at a key moment and it couldn't help but materialize despite the instant regret of having thought of it. "Synergy". Pah.)

I was sexualy active at a very early age so the physiology isnt something i have a problem with.

As for the synergy i think you would make a very good marketer, imagine it, endless conversation about socio-economic groups *shudder*

Sales people "network", they don't "converse", they don't "imagine" things either, they have "visions of the future". Also sales people don't "think", they actually "think in absolute terms based on the statistics given in the latest field research"

A potential rewording, according to the Gospel of St Commerce:

"As for the synergy it can be seen from the statistics, based on the latest field research, that our visions for the future positively facilitate our marketing teams placement in prime positions for the current local and international socio-economic markets"

That entire paragraph does nothing but word drop (badly: I'm not a sales person) and manages to convey no actual useful information at all, aside from the vague possibility that it means, really:

"Our sales team think they know what they're doing after reading a recent article in Business Weekly"

"Some of us who went to religious school would try giving up masturbation for Lent, which is how Palm Sunday got its name."

That's quite a funny theory, the author was making a joke though right? I've never heard of anyone "giving" it up for Lent, but Palm Sunday gets its name from the Gospel story of Jesus' triumphal entry when Palm leaves were spread down along the roadside in his honor. (See Matt. 21:8-9) Even today in the Church we burn the left-over Palm branches used in our Palm Sunday service and use the Palm ashes the following year on Ash Wednesday.

Oh no! There was no indication they were joking!

Damn, that would have been a great origin of the term! Ah well, I trust you more than the author by far, it was amusing while it lasted!

How strange the author would pass such misinformation off in a publication. But you don't have to take my word for it, just stepping inside a Church on Palm Sunday with Palm branches strewn everywhere is evidence enough I think. ;) This Palm-branch celebration, which occurs every year at the start of Holy Week, is one of the most ancient traditions in the Church besides Easter.

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