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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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women should be aloud to be priesrs everywhere

i dont think they should thereif they are gay

i am god you should believe in me ifyou dont i will place horribe things upon you do what i say be nice to people le people be free

The State it's in - Monica Furlong

I knew Monica Furlong very well. I don't honestly believe that she even believed in God - the church was an institution which she used as a medium to express her anger with herself and the world. Although twice married
she struggled with her own homosexuality and channelled this by acting as a standard bearer for gay anglican clergy. I had never met anyone who was so intolerant to others who did not hold her own beliefs. unless you happen to be wearing a dog collar - she was very unsympathetic to anyone she perceieved as being 'weak'. whenever one had a conversation with Monica it always felt like she was listening to gather information for the next book. It was a strange experience.

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