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These last few days in the house alone and safely unheard... I tried to sing. Some problems include: The microphone I'm using cost less than five pound and fell to pieces when I first tried to use it a few years ago (I forgot I had it), and I don't have any voice editting software. Oh, and I can't sing!

Fantasy world Vexen is going to produce an album :-) It may lose me friends, who, scared I might produce another one cease talking to me in case I somehow continute to mistake "it's crap!", "it hurts!" and "make it stop" for "excellent, dude, make more!".

All I need to do is learn to sing, learn to write music, get good taste in music, get some software and maybe even more than £3.99 + PC worth of hardware, develop some talent and learn to write lyrics and I'm away!

Or... I could steal other peoples lyrics, do away with talent, steal some very simple tunes and riffs and pay someone goodlooking to mime, and I could instead make pop! But then, I would no longer be my own friend and at least by making bad music, at least one of my friends likes it :-)

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You'll be fine sweety - you have imagination and a peculiar, original view of the world. You don't need to be the greatest technician ever as long as you can get people inside your head and keep them their for 3 minutes.

About the last paragraph: why not do both? Look at the Pet Shop Boys or OMD. Hell, even The Smiths! Nothing better than people making music to appeal to the masses but containing every ounce of their intelligence and passion. Plus you have the advantage that people will actually play it :o)

Hey you might notice that all of those had talent... or, at least, had one particular talent which showed through... like singing, mostly... with a smidgeon of tune writing and occasional inspirational lyrics... OMD were peculiar, but could sing... Pet Shop Boys were ok all-rounders, The Smiths wrote some good lyrics and had a real front-facing band (unlike the others!)...

But, I have inspiration. Wumpscut. Rudy Ratzinger does it on his computer, (admittedly, over the years he's gained lots of hardware and has a million fans willing to give any support just to have their name dropped)... he can't sing (but he has some good vocoders...), can't write proper verse (but has unique and nasty Vexen-style lyrics), never performs live... you see, it is possible! All I need is a german accent!

You could just find someone to write lyrics and concentrate on the music part yourself. :) There's always singing lessons if you think you're not good enough at it!

Or... I could steal other peoples lyrics, do away with talent, steal some very simple tunes and riffs and pay someone goodlooking to mime, and I could instead make pop!
Oh, please, we don't need another Milli Vanilli! *L* Besides, what's wrong with your looks??

I think if I tried to really sing (esp. w/ a mic!), the cat would move out. :Þ Then again, I did have fun with this awhile back:


Sounds like a fun night!

No, I am determined to do it all myself, even if it means only I like it! Today I've been playing with noise more, but haven't produced anything useful. Also have been playing with Rebirth but I still have the problem (as everyone does with Rebirth) that nothing sounds unique or interesting, just good! Hence the Rebirth & Noise combinations... (Rebirth & Noise could almost be a band actually...)

Hey, I just talked to my dad! He's using CakeWalk Pro, which he likes better than the other stuff that used MIDI. He can make .wav files, etc. Said the program's probably about $100 (U.S. currency), but he also has all the upgrades. He does mostly jazz music.

Well, heck. I was thinking about letting you write a song to one of my poems, but maybe it wouldn't fit anyway. :) It's not really written for a musical cadence, but it does have some, um... 'passionate' words. Ah well; I'm flattering myself here. Nevermind. :)

What is Rebirth? :)

Rebirth? I know what it looks and sounds like... but I'm stretching my vocab to try and actually desacribe it! It might be like a 303 (I don't know, I've never used one), it is a music program that has a series of desks (4, by default): two synths, a rhythmn thingie, and two other ones, and they all make dancey sounding electronic noise aka the rave scene of 1990s. It's very easy to use, but very hard to make anything sound original or new.

I can't write music... but I wouldn't mind trying... I think when something resembling a "tune" happens to appear it's by accident... I play for hours waiting for such accidents to happen, but sometimes go for days (like, yesterday) without getting one... I really should read up on basic music theory!

I use Cakewalk Pro, it's the best although the learning curve is big! I also use a simple WAV editer (which is also my mike recorder), I've never used Rebirth as part of a track, and... that's it. Cakewalk is great for jazz, piano and pseudo-classical stuff.

I've found that stuff that isn't written for music was impossible to put into music... I had to write new stuff for song, but if has roughly equal sized sentences I can do it :-), even if I do cheat and re-use some existing tune from my catalogue of 2 (or was it 3?)!

"(4, by default): two synths, a rhythmn thingie, and two other ones"

Two and two make five... I should be writing lyrics for Pet Shop Boys no less!

Dance music, yay! :)

I wrote a song for piano when I was 14 (just the melody). My teacher entered it in some big statewide competition; I don't remember where it placed. I think I still have the sheet music for it around here somewhere...

On lyrics & music, I've seen Loreena McKennitt do some good stuff with older poetry, although some of them turn out better than others. :) The one of mine I was talking about doesn't have all equal-sized sentences, and it has nothing resembling a 'chorus' anywhere in it, so maybe it wouldn't work. Maybe I should try writing something to it, though! :) My mother said she wants me to 'inherit' her piano early so she can get it out of her livingroom and since I'm really the only one who plays it. I think I can make room in my house--whenever she wants to give it away. ;) It weighs about a thousand pounds, though! (1911 upright with tiger oak wood and a solid brass backing)

If you make a good .wav file, you can email it to all your friends, right? :)

From .wav I turn them into .mp3, and I'm signing up for an account with a music service so I can distribute mp3s via their site. Or, I can run a server from my machine here, and will have an address like http://123.456.789.01/ee/text.mp3 (with just an IP address rather than a domain name). But it'll only work as long as I have the server turned on, and I turn it off sometimes (if I'm doing recording or sound editting, or playing Quake 3, I need all the processor power).

Go-on, send me your poem! I can never tell in advance what inspires me to do stuff! Yesterday I sat down with a microphone and wrote and sung at the same time and somehow produced a finished whole "song", with a chorus... it's all rather amateur but I'm now putting music to it... and I'm not even adding any effects to my voice! Maybe I'll add some echoey bits and create some quiet backing vocals on certain bits.

I have 2 mp3s now... one of "Long Walk" without vocals, 4min 30, (the version with vocals may _never_ be ready!), and "Ragnarok", which is a black metal inspired growly track, 3min.

So are you going to publish this online (make it widely available)? :)

I don't recognize the names of those two songs you mention. Are they yours or just relatively unknown artists? :)

Sure, I can send you the poem. You can tweak it or change it around if you want/need, if you think you can use it. (Just be sure to credit me if you do use it relatively unscathed. ;)) If not, that's fine too. :) I didn't write it with the intention of turning it into a song. I could probably do better at that if I set out with that goal in mind to begin with!

....Bellydance music??? <:D Yay! Send me some!

Umm, let me work on it a little bit first (the poem). I have an idea. :)

Or... I could steal other peoples lyrics, do away with talent, steal some very simple tunes and riffs and pay someone goodlooking to mime, and I could instead make pop! But then, I would no longer be my own friend and at least by making bad music, at least one of my friends likes it :-)

I suppose you'd be doing a Shakira...

Sounds like a belly dance :-)

Who is a Shakira?

How to win ME over with your music:

1) Wear lots of make-up.
2) Stand menacingly/motionless behind instruments labeled "Casio."
3) Write ostentatiously pretentious lyrics about gender politics, isolation and perverse cyborgs.
4) Repeat "No-one understands me" until it sinks in.
5) Be British.
6) Be a one-hit-wonder.
7) Have Marilyn Manson claim you're an influence.

Re: How to win ME over with your music:

But that could almost be anyone who I listen to! Except the "one-hit wonder" bit, because most people I listen to haven't had a hit...

Try being John Foxx. He's a no-hit-wonder.

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