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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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Yikes, I just tried to load "Entities" by Project Pitchfork into WinAmp, and accidentally clicked on "Serious" by Phil Collins, Jesus Christ my ears had a shock!

I rectified the situation with speed, admittedly, slightly fuelled by a sense of panic.

Rock on 90s electronic gothic rock!...

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You rectified the situation with speed?

How very goth :o)

You've learnt a lot :-)

My music project; 3 tracks, 3 completely different sounds:

What, you don't like Phil Collins? ;) "Su-su-SU-dio!" *L*

I still like Dead or Alive, that song "Brand New Lover" (from about 1990?) :)

Actually I do like Phil Collins! And Genesis.

I don't know those though!

I liked Phil Collins a long time ago, but not really that one song I quoted. :) Dead or Alive might've only had that one hit, about 10 years ago. I used it a lot for aerobic exercise music and still have the extended single. It has a good beat and is STILL pretty good for exercise/dance motivation! :)

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