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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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Slimelight was excellent!

You know the cheap PVC trousers I found a few days ago, £5, well... they were second hand, of course, but I suspect their previous owner hadn't used them as vigorously as I did at Slimes... in many places (knees, buttocks, thighs) the PVC has cracked and flaked, with some rather large pieces of PVC falling away. Cheapness! So, I might get some black material, cloth, and patch over the broken areas... I'll then have areas of nonPVC, but hey at least it wont have holes. If it looks poor, I'll throw them away.

Something new has happened, I've started myself being able to write down notes and tunes in my notebook while out and about... I might be turning into a musician! Of course I can't write music, so I write it in my own notation, but the two ones I wrote down on Saturday turned out both to be really good! A new track of baphometmethod has been seriously boosted and became viable as a result of one of those tunes... the track is an EBM/Noise track called The Converter, or possibly Fire Converter, as a nod to an influential bad, Converter, who do noise and power noise.


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