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"The Dead Sea Scrolls" by Stephen Hodge

"The Dead Sea Scrolls" by Stephen Hodge

Some quotes and notes taken from "The Dead Sea Scrolls"" by Stephen Hodge. The book is a summary of the theories and history of the Dead Sea Scrolls, with a lot of introductory text to each area of study.

Hi Stephen, I have read your article with interest. I am at the moment writing a book called "One Religion," I would like to use p73 and p78 to emphasise the fact that man can alter whatever he pleases and will be believed. Can I have your permission to use them, of course you will be credited with them.

My email address

Thanking you in anticipation.
Harry Jones

I, the author of the webpage you are responding to, am not Stephen Hodge. I am Vexen Crabtree, and have written a review of Stephen Hodge's book.


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