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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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One reason I like Forth - no need for parentheses except when one writes a ( comment) in the source.

Enjoy the natural fusion reactor.

I've never seen comments done like that, probably because I've not touched Forth.

Our very own giver of life has gone again now.

we had sun? never can tell stuck in the middle of an office floor in a fish bowl :(
rain we can tell...that be the sound of rattle rattle on the roof :|

I like being in a big building and listening to severe rain... even better if you're on your own, and the lights are flickering...

My daydreams and nightdreams compete with each other, your Cthulu would be proud :-)

It's been very sunny and unseasonably warm here for the last couple of days, too. But, this is California! :)

Say, do you think it's true you can't sunburnt from exposure to sunshine through a glass window? .......just wonderin.'

I don't know if glass protects, maybe it does.

In my rooms over the last 4 years I have covered up the window with black card or material, normally except for a strip at the top so I can see what time of day it is. In my last room I covered it with 2 bookcases. In this room, the window was a perfect size for my 6 foot mirror! That covers 90% of it, so I keep the curtain closed over the far bit.

So this "sunlight" thing is all a bit theoretical to me!

You like the dark or you need it dark so you can sleep? :)

Okay, thanks; I was just curious on the window/sunburn possibility. I've heard differing answers to that over the years. Guess the only way to really find out is sit in a car with the window up on a sunny day, but I'm not one to actively seek a sunburn... no matter what my userinfo page says!!!! :)

I can sleep in the light, when required. My normal answer is that I prefer the light to be artificial and less random than the suns light. I also like the idea of being inside a large building, a long way from "outside", or underground, so try to emulate that in my environment.

But as I do sleep lots during the day, I might actually cover the windows (also) to aid sleep.

I don't know if car windows would offer as much protection as house windows. Especially double-glazed windows, etc. I bet... anyone who makes or sells chemicals involved in sunscream will say "yes, you can get sunburn even through 1 foot solid steel!", and window manufacturers will say "Actually our windows offer good protection"...

Sunscream? *L* "Help me! I've been in the sun too long, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" :Þ

I see what you're saying. I agree, any manufacturer is going to doctor the highlights in order to sell the product.

Oh well. I usually wear suncreen, but just not all OVER (usually face, neck & hands)... unless I'll be out on the water (i.e., in less clothing) or vacationing where it's sunnier and/or closer to the equator. Or in New Zealand--where you can get sunburnt very easily! :)

Wow, you and I have made a discovery... all the best ones are done by accident... all goths suffer from sunscream!

I don't recall ever wearing sunscreen actually.

But yeah, wear sunscreen, toasted aspen_fox is bound to be unpretty!

Yeah! *L*

Well, you don't live in a country where the sun shines, do you? :Þ
(just kidding!)

I do wear sunscreen. ...Don't wanna turn into a crispy critter. ;)

It actually depends on the window. If it's a car window in the U.S., you can't get sunburn from it, because they've made all automobiles UV compliant. However, if it's an untreated house window, you're S.O.L. (get it? hahaha). So, wear your sunscream whenever you're exposed to the star in question.

SOL -- heh heh. Yes, I get it! :Þ

Thanks for the tip. :)



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