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I can sleep in the light, when required. My normal answer is that I prefer the light to be artificial and less random than the suns light. I also like the idea of being inside a large building, a long way from "outside", or underground, so try to emulate that in my environment.

But as I do sleep lots during the day, I might actually cover the windows (also) to aid sleep.

I don't know if car windows would offer as much protection as house windows. Especially double-glazed windows, etc. I bet... anyone who makes or sells chemicals involved in sunscream will say "yes, you can get sunburn even through 1 foot solid steel!", and window manufacturers will say "Actually our windows offer good protection"...

Sunscream? *L* "Help me! I've been in the sun too long, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" :Þ

I see what you're saying. I agree, any manufacturer is going to doctor the highlights in order to sell the product.

Oh well. I usually wear suncreen, but just not all OVER (usually face, neck & hands)... unless I'll be out on the water (i.e., in less clothing) or vacationing where it's sunnier and/or closer to the equator. Or in New Zealand--where you can get sunburnt very easily! :)

Wow, you and I have made a discovery... all the best ones are done by accident... all goths suffer from sunscream!

I don't recall ever wearing sunscreen actually.

But yeah, wear sunscreen, toasted aspen_fox is bound to be unpretty!

Yeah! *L*

Well, you don't live in a country where the sun shines, do you? :Þ
(just kidding!)

I do wear sunscreen. ...Don't wanna turn into a crispy critter. ;)

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