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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Music/Sports, and Human!

Random discussions... when watching Rubby briefly with housemate Jamie, I said:

"If sports were music, football would be pop, and rugby would be metal!"

He asked what Classical would be and said would it be "that sport with horses where they dress up", the name of said sport escapes me. Po?... Po... pogo? Polio? Anyway, I said classical is complex, intellectual... so he agreed it would be Chess. We then couldn't think of anything for basketball, so gave up.

Then on IRC (I've been doing IRC more since moving to London, 'cos lots of London people in #uk_goffs channel) we talked about restaurants and cooked squirrel (eeek!!) but I did admit that I'd try it, if I had the option... also, I realized I probably have emphasized the point that I'd jump at the chance of eating Human, and that actually it's one of my life-dreams, to try it at least once. It's an exciting and intriguing thing to try, for me :-)

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Basketball? How about rap music? It's kinda stop-and-go, often bouncy, and sometimes has their weird long pauses. And it's the only sport I can imagine Eminem playing anyway.

You'd consume human?? ......Well, that kinda puts a new twist on the phrase "eat me." *L*

Have you ever seen a movie (based on a true story supposedly) where a plane crash strands several people on a snowy mountain? I'm not sure, but the title might be "Alive." (?) They eventually have to resort to cannibalism. There's one funny line (it was funny because the 'punchline' was totally unexpected) in which one survivor tells another after a long sobfest,

"I just want you to know.... that if I happen to die.... you have my permission... to eat me."

*L* Oh, another movie is, "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover." Yeah-- more people eating. ::inexplicable look on face::

(We're not far from the Rockies -- where the Donner Party got stranded back in the late 1800's.)

Please, just don't ever eat a CAT unless you're truly dying of starvation and there's nothing else around! >:]

Yeah I know those films, yes it is Alive, but actually there is more than one film with that plot, Alive is the most famous one.

The second one (Cook, thief...) is a fantastic film! It's quite amazing, and the emotions and drama/trauma of the last scenes is excellently done... I was on the edge of my seat watching events unfold (even though it was predictable by that time, the suspense and atmosphere was built perfectly). The director of that film (I'm told) has also done other films that appear to have large elements of scat and sub play in them.

I've never thought of eating Cat before... but one day, I plan on going to Hong Kong! (I speak some cantonese, it'd be great to actually go there, and there is a COS group there that I could visit too)

I'm sure there is more than one movie with that plot!

Yes, that second one (The Cook...) really hit me in the gut. Eek-gads! You know a movie is effective when it stays with you for a long time, whether or not you really liked it.

Cats: They eat cats in Hong Kong????????!!!!!!!!! Ecccchhhhh. I think my opinion of the Chinese has just been lowered about a hundred points. (They have COS groups in China??)

Then again, we eat cows over here. And drink cow's milk. Some other people in the world find that abominable and wouldn't dream of it!

So, how many languages do you speak? :)

Yep, they do in HK. HK has actually got a poor record with cat-cruelty too, I don't know why.

Yeah, the COS have a group in Hong Kong, not sure about China.

Very good point about the cows!

I only speak English and some social Cantonese (which I'm still in the process of forgetting), and I suppose I can remember some GCSE French, and through music have picked up some very limited German! But with Babel fish on the Internet, anyone can fake limited knowledge of any language as long as it's not required in real life!

Yep, they do in HK. HK has actually got a poor record with cat-cruelty too, I don't know why.
::growl:: Hmph. Remind me to never go there!

As for the cows, see this site. Heh heh. I suppose I should apologize for eating cow, but then I'd have to apologize for eating pig, chicken, turkey, duck, and let's see... one time I had a taste of roasted goat! (Yes, I'm totally carnivorous.)

Languages: besides English, all I know is a little French, and a tiny bit of Spanish. Oh and maybe a few words ("I want chocolate milk") in Icelandic... which I can't pronounce very well. (It's a tough language!)

is the name of the game you were thinking of.

Ya, that's it!

And the ghoul squirrel says,
"Must feeeeed!!- NEEK!"

"What's that smell?... Oh, it's just the troops..."
- Death Knight Arthas

Such an inspirational game!

"You reek of death, human" -- Demon hunter
(What was his name, I've forgotten?)

As a redneck formally from South West Texas, I can say squirril is pretty good. It's a bit stringy: like rabbit almost. I have had cat too. It's a bit stringy and has lots of parasites. Make sure kitty is well done. We had cat in Hawaii... at a Chinese resturant.

I've heard that before.

Human tastes like Chicken.

Hawaii? Do any US states allow it, then?

So long as the cat isn't raised as a pet, but as food... it's allowed in all 50 states. But most places that serve it won't put that item on the menu. Peta people and other animal lovers make too much trouble for resturants that openly advertise such foods.

I watched a tv show where a man put it in his will that a portion of his body was to be used as meat for his friends. They even showed chunks of him being stewed then eaten! I ahve never cooked and ate human before. In Veitnam they called human flesh long pork. So I imagine we taste like pig.

Oh... squirril gravy with scrambbed eggs and biscuits is a real good meal. You make it like sasauge gravy.

*runs off scared* no eat kitties

I am inconsistent, for I would not wish to try kitty! Unless they're made of chocolate!

You know, there have been some famous "serial killers" who liked to eat human flesh. Doesn't say much for you.

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