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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Favorite things

Vexen's Favourites, Likes List, part of the About Vexen subsite

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Species: Squirrel, Kitty, Fox

Mmn, kitties.

Yeah :-)

That's one thing the Egyptians got right.

Actually, they got quite a lot right, clever bunch. Inspired by cats.

Actualy I am reading the latest Christian Jaqu series, I have a mild fascination for Ancient Egypt, they had soo much right and yet... had the strangest notion's about something's!!!! Alway's one of my favorite counter argument's with Jehovas Whitnessess too!!!

Agreed! :D

Also, you have the COOLEST cat icons! I love 'em. :)

*snuffle* close table tag?

It is closed... and it appears fine on my friends' list, but you and Ytaya both have a problem? What goes wrong? I guess it looks like the table isn't closed!... when I look at your friends page it looks fine to me... any suggestions?

What browser are you using? Maybe if you and Ytaya are using the same browser, I've gone and used some feature that you don't support (but I don't know what, it's all very basic HTML).

Argh! I think you're missing a </table> tag, Vex. You've killed my stylesheet and rendered my friends page unreadable :)

That's what Scruff thinks too, but that's not it. Your friends page looks fine to me... except, my entry does cause a discrepency, afterwards all your friends' entries become full width, whereas before my entry they are all at 95% width (or something like full width except for 20px either side).

I don't know what the cause is, I checked when Makali posted, and double checked when you said so too, but the table is closed properly, so are all the TDs and THs (with no excess ones either), and I'm sure that there's no missing speech marks or anything, 'cos that even messes up IE... which leads me to ask... what does it look like for you, that's it's become unreadable, and what browser are you using?

Makali and you both use custom styles, but so do I, so that's not it, I'm thinking if you're both using a particular browser, I may have used something (Like a TH tag?, I dunno, or the "?" that exists in the links to the actors' on that's confused them, or perhaps a LiveJournal feature is messing with the HTML in some way and causing it.

Does my entry itself display fine? Should be 20 rows of table... if it breaks after a certain row, then that would be a clue to me as to where the problem is! In particular I know I frequently accidentally close TDs when I should have closed a TH and vica versa (which IE handles fine, so I never notice), but I've checked all of them!

So this is me... confused.

My friends page shouldn't be full width - it should resemble my main journal page with a side menu to the right. Your entry views fine down to the last line that starts 'Words', but the links to read or post comments to the entry appear at the top of my friends page, above all the other entries. There's no divider between your entry and the one below it, which there should be.

I'm in Moz, it's not happy and it's definitely your entry cos if I go to the friends pages of other people who list you as friends, eg apesky or apexnemesis, they're screwy too :)

I've made 2 changes, and appears to have fixed... let me know.

FYI, the changes were (I've not typed the brackets on purpose):

On the "Food" row, the second cell was closing with a /th instead of a /td

I removed the carriage return between the last /tr and the /table

I have "auto-formatting" turned off, otherwise the layout is screwed when you do tables on LJ. Normally, td and th errors (one my most frequent errors!) have no affect, and on the webpage that much of the HTML came from, it has no affect (neither does the carriage return), so I'm guessing that at some point LJ servers are doing something behind the scenes.

I'm feeling investigative so I'm going to reply to this comment with a table tr td NOTHING /td /tr
/table (with a carriage return before the last closing tag) to see if that was actually the cause. Actually... I should make it a main entry, 'cos the nested responses may change the behavior, so I'm not going to yet (until I know if the problem has gone away)

All fixed now! Hurrah! Thank you :)

Yeah I see now, that's quite strange... it is actually behaving as if the table tag isn't closed, or it's got some stuff placed outside of a DIV tag. I'm still looking into it.

Look at your entry and count the tags...

I know it's this entry.

And just FYI, it does it in IE on my machine, too.

this isn't something i get to say often, but you have excellent taste in artists, philosophers, and species. and you've got to be the only person i know with a favorite enzyme!



I love biology... I nearly done it at uni, but changed my mind at the last minute to do Computer Science.

eep. biology bored me to death. but that could've had to do with the preachy christian teacher, who liked to denounce evolution at every possible opportunity. blah.

Ehhh, just out of curiosity.... ever heard of oxalobacter formagenis?

Sigourney Weaver -- my heroine!!
Jeff Goldblum: first movie I ever saw him in (along with Debra Winger) was a bad disco ripoff of Saturday Night Fever called "Thank God It's Friday."

You're the only person I know besides a microbiologist who has a favorite enzyme AND a favorite bacteria! *L* Oh, and chemicals?? :) (you like MSG??)

Movies: Have you seen 'Dead Calm' or 'The Silent Scream'?

Mmmmmm, chocolate! And Bailey's! Yummy! :Þ

(I didn't know ego was an emotion.) And what are efficiency food and Alcopops?

KITTIES!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! :D =^..^= (says Aspen Fox) ;)

I love MSG! The thought of it is exciting!

I haven't seen either of those films, I don't think.

Baileys... oh yes... I will happily buy and drink a whole £15 bottle, and then be very happily tipsy.

Efficiency food is very fast, efficient, quick, cheap food. Like cereal bars, beans on toast (3mins to make, 1min to wash up afterwards), soup, bread, etc.

Alcopops are alcoholic pop drinks, like Bicardi Breezer, Smirnoff Ice, etc (I don't know if you have those in the USA): Bottles of alcoholic fizzy drink, often fruit flavored. About 5% alcoholic content per bottle.

Ego... I know what I mean when I refer to it as an emotion... , but can't for the life of explain it :P

And Foxes!

MSG... a food flavor enhancer, right? Usually in Chinese food. Ugh... gives me headaches!

Silent Scream is a horror film from ... 1979, I think. Dead Calm is a good Aussie suspense film w/ Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman and Billy Zane. Rent it! >:)

Bailey's: yes, w/ milk on ice, or in coffee w/ whipped cream on top, mmmmmmm. :Þ And yes, I guess we do have those alcopops drinks here.

Ego: something generating from the mind/brain/emotions and maybe with some human experience thrown in? (don't mind me, I have NO IDEA what I'm talking about!!!!)

Foxes. :) Yes, but foxes (and wolves) are of the DOG family. *L* Canines, felines, rodents. If squirrels didn't have a big furry tail they'd be just another big RAT, don't you think? :) But, I like squirrels. A lot of them around here, too. Plenty of trees to climb (I see squirrels all the time in my neighborhood). They're fast, they're smart, but jeez... they're indecisive!

Squirrels are rodents


"Wiggys belong to the most successful of all mammal groups, the Order Rodentia. Rodents first fossil remains are dated to 54 million years back, after having evolved from the Multituberculates.
Approximately 26 million years ago during the Oligocene the Sciuridae appeared, which is the family that includes the Tree Squirrel.

I would rent that film, but I don't have a TV or a video recorder, so it would be a bit silly :-)

Foxes are exceptional canines, like Wiggies are exceptional rodents!

Re: Squirrels are rodents

That Wiggy site is really cute!!! :) (did you get the squirrel pics I emailed you, btw?)

>i>I would rent that film, but I don't have a TV or a video recorder, so it would be a bit silly :-)</i>
Oh. Never mind then. =)

Foxes are exceptional canines, like Wiggies are exceptional rodents!
Hee hee hee... yep.... ::said the fox proudly:: ;) I'll have you know however, that when I'm not a *fox* (online) -- I am a CAT! =^..^= *mraow*

Hey who do you think would win in a fight? The devil or jesus? I think jesus totally kicks ass cus he could totally heal himself and the devil would be like OH MAN I JUST CHOPPED HIS ARM OFF AND IT CAME BACK!

hi! can i add you to my lj list?
happy twilight!

Follow your logic...

Vexen, In trying to learn Italian I'm up against trilling my r's, and in a search to discover how to do it properly I tripped across your site. Hello, and welcome to our world! (You were born about 33 yrs after me).

I hope you don't mind my observing that even you don't believe what you believe: Satan and St. Francis of Assisi! Peace and horror, Love and evil. Good Heavens, man, all real thought begins with the principle of non-contradiction. A thing cannot both be and not be at the same time and in the same respect. Either go the whole way and commit suicide, in which case you'll have plenty of horror, Satan, Evil, Death, blackness and darkness, together with theological certitude in spades, or do the truly logical thing and go the opposite way as fast as your little legs will carry you. St. Francis did.

In Hell you'd have theological certitude in spades, just as a character in one of Isaac Singer's short stories. Singer is an Hasidic Jewish writer who wrote in Yiddish. His character was a Jewish boy in a Polish ghetto who converted to Catholicism for the material gain it would bring him, and of course in Jewish eyes this was damnable, so Singer has him carried off to hell in the end. Here his eyes are opened and he exclaims, "But if Hell exists, *everything* exists."

Indeed, especially Heaven. If you believe in Satan and in Hell, there's no excuse for not believing in Heaven out of which Satan was cast. In this way by pursuing your beliefs logically you would wind up in Heaven. That is, if you have an ounce of sense and do really want peace, joy, affection and love...forever, and the company of St. Francis and many others of his stamp. It only remains to throw off the silly dark costumes, wipe away the dark makeup and stand naked before God asking, "What would you have me do?" St. Francis did something very similar.

All the best, Vexen, together with prayer...

Lee Gilbert

Re: Follow your logic...

You're looking at a list of things that I like, and that inspire me, and you conclude that I "believe" in them all as if they're all supernatural things!

I don't know of any contradiction in my beliefs - I don't "believe" in St Francis, I'm merely inspired by him because he was a good person. Why are you talking about suicide? I'm completely not a suicidal person and will never do that.

I'm not a Christian, I don't believe in the Christian Satan, in Hell or Heaven.

But speaking of "costumes", the Christian god the of Hebrews had rather a lot of them: Disguising himself as darkened clouds was one of his favorites! And makeup doesn't compare to having an entire flaming shubbery as an outfit! If imitation is flattery or if god is good, it seems that "costumes" are the way to go, and the more dramatic the better!

Re: Follow your logic...

Believing in Satan does not make you a Christian anyhow. A Christian is one who follows Jesus Christ. Satan is Anti-Christ. So, because you believe in/admire (or whatever it is that you do) in Satan, makes you the furtherest thing from being a Christian. Or are you saying the Satan you follow/believe in is not the "true Satan" of the Bible?? If not, why use his name and all the "bad" connotations that go with it. If you guys are so positive and happy, why not call yourselves "Joyist." Just admit it, you truly love the Satan of the Bible and you love the evil it represents. Plus, I can tell you guys truly disdain Jesus/God, and that only comes from the deceiver/liar/serpent of old himself ... SATAN. Just admit it! We'd respect you more if you did.

Found you by accident

Found you by accident but as a fellow Crabtree was intrigued enuogh to read some of your profile. Crabtrees are by definition outsiders and a bit different, it goes by the name. In our history we grew crabapple trees, trees that produced sour, bitter apples that were no good for eating but produced a really strong alcohol. These trees were imported from Kirkmanistan {not sure about the spelling} about 1500 BC, long long time ago. We also brought to England the worship of Ba'al, the anti God, the only God That the Bible tells you not to worship. Satan is a fallen angel, part of Gods hierarchy that fell out of fashion, but still an angel of light but out of favour. Ba,al was a god of darkness,a god of the moon

The phisosophy of the honey badger, hair, and black machine....

Hello there Mr Vexen.
You don't know me, but i was browsing netgoth and you say you are attending the next 'balck machine', well done i say. I don't believe i have anything useful or interesting to say, but i thought a 'hi' might be nice. I have recently taken to using the internet far more than ususal due to illness :( Although it seems mainly used for porn. I'm new to all this livejournal stuff, so i thought i'd start by writing crap at strangers. So, wibble, and goodbye.

The things that interest you are meaningless in eternity.

I didnt think a person as amazing as you could exist... i am new to the goth scene and i come from a very,very religious family.. who are not very understanding.. i dont know many other goths but i need alot of advice on how to help help
i am also feeling very confused..

You're a wealth of knowledge.

I totally love your site.
You are a very intelligent and well-articulated individual Vexen.
As a person w/beliefs ranging between Deism,Pantheism,Neo-Paganism,Luciferian Satanism,and others, and summed up in my own view of Universism{freethought pseudo-religipn/umbrella social movement, uniting atheists,agnostics,deists,pantheists,trancendentalists,secular humanists,etc}-
I think your site is a welath of info, keep up the good work on it bro.

Having looke dover your pesonal info, I see we share some tastes in movies and entertainment, When first saw your pucture there I thought you looked alot like Dani Filth of Cradle Of Filth and were dressed up in similar COF fashion. My tastes are more of the death/black metal variety, whilkst I see your is seemingly gothic/gothic metal/ and thrash; nonetheless -great tastes man. Also, as a huge fan of Hellraiser,Zombie flicks,etc, I love yout tastes there too.

Anyways, you're an inspiring indiviual my friend.

keep pentrating the world w/your insights.


Bill "Iconoclastithon" Baker

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Christianity does not contradict itself

God knows who will accept Jesus as their savior. However, He gives us free will to decide whether to acknowledge Him as the one true God. Evil exists in the world not because of God, it is because of man. Adam and Eve wanted to become their own god and directly disobeyed Him by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Satanism is a religion that mocks christians. Believing in the ways of society is worshiping Satan. Real freedom is rebellion against God, and doing what you want to do for yourself.

You must be a nonbeliever because you may have had a bad experience when you were in church.

I shall leave you with this quote:

"The greatest single cause of atheism is christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips in church, then walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable."

Your words

I find it rather strange the words you have chosen as some contradict the others.

Love, Affection and Peace (with whom?)

The opposites of these:

There is no love, affection nor true peace in any of these things!

I also find it fascinating that your words include death and Satan and two of your statements on your profile says:

"But I am pro-self development and pro-life."

"and partially it is also caused by demons from my past as parts of my family were destroyed by drugs and alcohol." (Satan is a demon out to destroy you too with his lies and deceits!)

I read your section on drink, smoking and drugs and I have to say I agree with the majority of what you are saying! I find it sad that you follow Satan - One would wonder why...

Sounds like you should read: "Why I am a Satanist" by Vexen Crabtree

You ask "peace (with whom?)" and my answer is: myself, my wife, my friends, and EVERYONE. I am a peaceful person, I deal with conflicts and disagreements in a peaceful, patient and calm way, and I encourage and advise others on how to do the same (See this conversation for an example).

I am at peace with reality.

You question the listing of words like "evil" and "death" in my profile, what you don't understand is that these things cannot be ignored just because they're not good-sounding things. For example, if I listed "serial killers" because I happen to have books on serial killers and criminology (if I were a criminal psychologists, for example), it wouldn't mean that I think serial killers great and good. "Favourites" and "interests" listings are descriptions of interests and hobies, they're not proscriptions of what should be, but studies of what is. Get it?

Thanks for your comments by the way, my pages on smoking, drugs, health will also have sections added on obesity, later, but I'm still gathering statistics together.

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