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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Fundamentalist Christian and Hellraiser

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Fundies house, he is questioning me, or trying to show me that he's right about something, but it ends up as him answering my questions. He has huge house, mansion, with many rooms and workers to keep it all cleen. He is showing me charts trying to prove that 78% of Americans really worship the Devil. We stand outside. He has a notebook and a chair out there. The garden is mostly unkept.

He has a very dirty pool of water in a concrete systems of sunken holes, full of seeweed and water fungus. The lowest one has a plug in the bottom and is only the size of a coffin. The next layer up is larger, and has 2 outlets in 2 of it's corners. Then, on the third layer where we stand, a path leads to his house, and there are some other mystical concrete constructs. As he reads from his list of what types of people are most susceptible to worshipping the devil, I find a large metal key on top of one of the pillars, it is covered in cobwebs and muck.

I look at his chart and ask him exactly what activities makes a person a "Devil Worshipper". He shows me the chart, and says that 78% of people do such activities. I ask him again - "What actualy activities are involved that make you count these people as Devil Worshippers". He apologizes and says he's forgotten to write that down in his report. I watch him as he starts the list.

The first item... "Halloween activitists", actually, he then deletes the second word and replaces it with "terrorists". I very much keep it in mind to ask him what that means later. I see a keyhole in one of the lower concrete pillars and prepare to try to unlock it with the key I'm holding.

He writes "MCMLXII" in his list, and I prepare to ask him if this means that he thinks anyone who watches films from a particular company are Devil Worshippers. He continues writing other ludicrous items. As I put the chunky key into the keyhole and twist it, he looks at me and I tell him to just continue with his list. Knowing funamentalists, he probably also puts down Wicca, homosexuality, etc. Before he finishes however, gurgling sounds come from beneath his garden and his small pool drains away into the Earth.

We can hear water appearing somewhere else in his large garden. The look of surprise on his face tells me he's never figured out how it all works. When I unlock it, fresh water pours out of a pillar into the second level bath, filling the lowest one again with new water. The excess water in the second level drains out through it's two corners. We discuss for a moment how clever this systems of pipes and water is.

This was pretty much the end of one dream, but the beginning of another. I find myself in the same garden, in the same place, at night time. The fundamentalist is asleep in his house, with his security systems and security officer guarding the perimeter of his house, but not the garden. A mystical gateway places me suddenly on a platform a mile above the garden. The clouds around are glowing red. On the platform are two square stone pillars that are slowly rotating. The atmosphere is chilling, and familiar.

It is Hellraiser... this is Pinhead's dimension. From the slabs on the pillars drop four chains per pillar, the chains and pillars are splattered with blood, gristle and occasional unidentifiable human remains. On the end of each chain is a small sharp hook. Pinhead commands these and can control them to tear people apart. The demon itself appears and speaks to me, and I realize I have discovered that the fundamentalist himself has been perverting people, bringinst them to Pinhead. I am one such person. So, I need to escape.

There are no cenobites around. Behind me appears a massive staircase, mailes long, descending back into the garden and I step slowly down the stairs, walking backwards, as Pinhead stands in unholy glory, confronting me. He plays his first card... and as he does so, I realize his tactic and am full of fear.

He raises the pillars with the chains to a ridiculous height, ten times their original height. The chains themselves get longer. As they get higher, the chains begin to swing outwards, covering a greater and greater distance. From these I must run, before they latch on to my flesh.

Then I remember I have the key and I hold it. I am back in the garden and am pushing a concrete door closed. The chains whip through the doorway, erratically jumping around as if they were electrified, and searching for me. I escape and leave the door open. When the fundie comes, he will unwittingly be the next victim. End of dream!

I love Hellraiser, Pinhead and the Cenobites, they are deeply yummy. This is my first dream to actually have elements from the films in them. The dream was also interesting in that I appeared to be in America, and also because the fate of the fundie was so simple in it's symbolism. Perhaps the film called "The Secret Garden" has the garden, and I think some of the concrete floor structures resembled some of an area of a park in Seattle, on Mercer Island, where I have walked around and imagined what it would be like if it was partially flooded.

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that's an impressive dream, i don't often have dreams but saying that i had quite 'strong' (i guess the correct word would be vivid?) dream, but i think much of it was influenced by '24' which i was watching the previous day.
It was also interesting that i woke up (still feeling tired), fell alseep for about an hour, and in that space of time i had the dream then woke up feeling all fresh and ready for the day :)

Interesting how our minds take random items and fragments of memory, working them together into a scenario in our subconscious then setting us in the middle like a rat in a maze to see what we'd do, how we'd feel, how we'd react....

Dreams - our own personal holodecks.

My mind often tests me when i first start a new relationship; I'll dream of that person dying or being in danger of dying. It's as if my mind has decided to test the depth of my attchment by seeing how I'd react if that person were removed from my life.

I suspect my dream the other night was probably not my mind's way of exploring my reaction to suicide or death, but instead analysing friendships and who i consider to be the ones I feel most important to me. I find it very telling that at the important moment, it was David holding me, Alex trying to control the situation - and people had to actually call for Michael, because he wasn't actually physically by my side at the moment I fell. In that respect, it can be seen that Michael is now seen as being less important to me than other friends, and though I feel he is important enough that he has a right to be informed of important matters, he does not need to be directly involved in them.

It has also highlighted an area I was already aware of - that I appear to be coming to depend too strongly on David for support, whereas previously it was Alex who did took that role - though there was not the same feeling of dependance that the dream has shown in David's case.

I always pay attention to my dreams, because my subconscious picks up on a lot of things I ought to be aware of, and dreams are its way of drawing them to my attention.

Oh....and yes. There were 32.

Having reread that I am now glaringly aware of my spelling mistakes, typos and a few grammatical errors. My apologies; I only woke an hour ago and have just finished my first coffee of the day!

I really ought to get going, as I'm supposed to be meeting stevek and silverfiligree on the steps of the British Museum at 2pm; I have a hankering to go pay my regards to Sekhmet again, and perhaps browse the Albert Durer exhibition. I also want to take another peek at the supposed "Thorn" in it's beautiful jewel-encrusted reliquary again.

Hmm. I enjoyed talking to you in the Marlborough Head that other night; I think perhaps I'll add you to my list of Coffee Shop People. ;-) We really must get together over coffee some time to discuss dreams, Celtic mythology and other matters that pop into our heads!

(I will reply to your dream, by the way)

I'm up for being a Coffee Shop Person!

I need to go out too, got meeting at 3pm in central London.

The Durer exhibition is OK. I wasn't blown away by it as I expected, but there were some things that stood out. It shows how influential his prints were, which is interesting - seeing how aspects of his image of the rhinocerous - complete with crocodile feet, giant armoured scales and horn in the middle of its back - kept popping up in later images, is fascinating!

I was going as idle curiosity mostly - "It's art, it's culture, and maybe I'll spot a technique I can try myself." We actually spent well over 2 hours in all going round!! Lisa and Steve were definately the right people to wander around with; between us we turned out to know quite a lot about the time period. And there were definately a few techniques I'll be experimenting with myself ....

From Anonymous 7

And you think that born-again Christians are crazy??? :>

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