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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Website stats 2003 Jan - Feb

Have been getting on 3200 page hits per day, more or less evenly distributed across and

Most popular essays from :
Firstly, the following three are always amongst the most popular:
Masturbation, Why do people hate the USA?, Furry subculture

Others are not:
Camden Town, Religion In Britain

I also carefully scrutinize my error logs, and go through all the 404 errors and look at each one, seeing what the cause of the error is. If it is an internal link, I go fix it, if it is an external link sometimes I can mail them and tell them they mislinked. That has surprised a few site owners!

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I've taken a look at your website and as I'm updating my livejournal, I thought you'd be a nice person to add to my friends list if you don't mind, I am Steven-James, the one who spendt cold winter morning with you and Simon and I met you more recently at the londongothsluts meeting at the Purple Turtle.

Some of the remarks in the guestbook on your site are quite funny...

No problem.

And... which cold winter morning was that?

I remember which winter morning, with Simon and the Photo Albums of Infinite Depth!

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