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I give up, I can't sleep...

When I generated new web site statistics a few days ago, I also produced log files of all the 404 errors, so tonight I'm going to start the process of looking where each 404 error came from and seeing if I can do anything about it. has 116 such lines to look at, but has 725. I know most of them wont be internal, but it interesting to see which domains and pages I've been linked from.

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For example I just found a broken link on one page, and from the amount of 404 errors receieved, I know exactly how many times that linked was clicked on during Jan / Feb 2003. Amazing!

And knowing that I have a subdirectory on a domain of /hertfordshire/ it's kind of warming to see a list of 404s of /midlands/ and /westmidlands/ and similar other guesses that a visiter has attempted!

I got to sleep about 2:30, so was ok in the end, and snuggled Cleo and Empiress (my two kitty plushies) and they made me sleep well :-)

grrr good! otherwise i'd have to come over and hit you on the head until you fell asleep!

good luck today *huggs*


i was just skimmin the net regarding solipsism n i found ur site
im doing this essay, only 1000 words, on "all reality is virtual reality - is true, wot r the implications?"
any thoughts or good points u might think of, that i probably wouldnt, feel free to send me ;)

i always read ur posts on masturbation n the gay scene
nice work

Something I haven't read directly but which my housemate (who studied philosophy at university) knows about is Plato's Demon, you know, he thought of this idea 2500 years ago, and the general populace think Matrix was original!


Some lesser implications are discussed as general subjectivism:
but that's probably too light for what you're thinking.

Email me personally if you want, although be warned I'm pretty busy for a few days!

Implication implied by the plot of Matrix is that if this were the case, it is bad and we should escape. Or at least, the strongest people should escape.

But note that the implications could be very positive, including the possiblity of eternal life, resurrection, etc, if technology is that great, our entire self could be replayed on a computer, complex enough to completely simulate life, etc, this life could be (despite the suffering) the "perfect" life for us, catered for us, and any escape could result in a much worse life.

So, a brief discussion of "Is truth or happiness a of more worth?"

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