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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Jogged 5 and a bit miles!

Just jogged 2 and a bit miles in 17 minutes :-)

Yay for an invigorating end to an otherwise entirely pointless day!


Hey, I jogged even more after that! I got home, rested for a while, then...

Jogged 1.5 miles (downhill) to a supermarket, where I got money out at the ATM, then, bought 6 pints of whole milk and 4 pints of fruit juice. I put these in my backpack, and jogged 1.5 miles back again, uphill! I jogged slower on the way back of course (once to put some money on gas/electric cards for the house), but didn't stop to take breaks! I did actuallly stop once about 2/3 of the way back and I was going to walk from there. But I said a Satanic mantra to myself a few times, then continues jogging, with my legs and chest burning a bit :-)


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so the course was exciting then?

Some of the guys are behind with their CVs... I already had one, which I have improved a little since starting the course. So today the tutor was doing CVs with them... but his CV skills are terrible! He's poor at English, and merely tells everyone to conform to a particular template that he uses. So, I knew it was going to be like this, and have been happy for a few days this week to do a tech support role. The tutor held me back for 40 minutes today and said I should go into IT teaching, because "I'm good at it, you just need to do what you done today, but in a classroom..."

IT /Teaching/ assistant ???? Well, I'm considering it.

Anyway... I had decided I would spend the whole day applying to jobs on the Internet, 'cept their network is so impossibly slow that literally no-one managed to go through the relevent searches to get that far, so I just around reading Max Weber and helping people with IT problems.

Good for you! :) Don't forget to stay hydrated and do some stretching after your workout. ;)

Go Satanic mantras! :D (They really do help, it seems.)

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