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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Chemical Support

"Chemical Support" by Vexen Crabtree (2003)

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platinum mushrooms

Its so strange. No, make that...retarded. I've read at least 3 ppl's little dissertations on drugs and they all sing the same refrain : drugs are stupid cuz they make you dumb, but acid/hallucinogens are ok because they aim to open up your mind.

Tell that to the people that have fallen off the top of parking complexes, shot their pregnant girlfriends, run around naked trying to tackle police - no they're not urban myths. They do happen. I know plenty of 'victims', most recently my friends classmate was shot in the spine 3 times by police and is now paralyzed because he wanted to go on a "trip". You people and your wierd crap. Its nuts.

The internet allows people who don't know anything, to pick a random subject and try to educate people on it. Its pure insanity. Especially with drugs, because in the end, they try to justify just certain things in some bizarre, illogical way.

I've done every drug in this article, aside from opioids (but they're not on there anyways, probably because you know so little about them () that you can't even make a dumbass, uneducated comment about it too) and its all complete BS.

Drugs are bad, guns are bad, sex is bad, LIFE is fucking bad for you. Get over it. You. Know. Nothing. Deal.

-No LJ

Re: platinum mushrooms

this person is obviously an idiot!

Vexen Crabtree

Vexen are an IDIOT!....God has given you a brain, use it! Don,t envy people who destroy it! Drugs are only a crutch for those who are too weak to handle reality (as in Life) strong, and you will live free!

Re: Vexen Crabtree

I don't know why you get the impression that I touch drugs... I don't, never have and never will. Apart from that, I am also drugs tested frequently at work, so can't start a drugs habit anytime soon, either.

Re: Vexen Crabtree

First of all Mr. Vexen Crabtree, why would you worship someone who hates you? The devil, or satan (notice I spell both with a small letter) is no match for the Allmighty God of the universe! Jesus has defeated him on the cross! He has NO power over a follower od Christ, and he only has as much power as you give him! He is a defeated foe, so why hanf with a loser? Come to the winning side with us ,Vexen....Jesus is Lord!

Re: Vexen Crabtree

1. I, if somehow you didn't notice, am not a Christian. I don't believe in Christian things: I believe the Bible was written by deluded men and is misinterpreted as a modern religion, and that there is no heaven, no hell, no satan and no gods. I don't believe in fairy tales or santa claus either.

I have a webpage explaining how Satanism is not Christianity:

Re: Vexen Crabtree

First of all Mr. Vexen Crabtree, why would you worship someone who hates you? The devil, or satan (notice I spell both with a small letter) is no match for the Allmighty God of the universe! Jesus has defeated him on the cross! He has NO power over a follower of Christ, and he only has as much power as you give him! He is a defeated foe, so why hanf with a loser? Come to the winning side with us ,Vexen....Jesus is Lord!

Re: Vexen Crabtree

I don't worship anyone.

And, as your religion is untrue, you saying that Satan "isn't a match" for your god is like saying that the Tooth Fairy isn't a match for Santa Claus. It's all make-believe, I'm afraid.

Secondly, I have something that in my profession we call "moral fortitude". In other words, I do not "change sides" just because the other side might win. I change sides if the other person is RIGHT.

But that analogy doesn't apply here because there are no sides. Beliefs do not equal "sides" of a war.

If you are saying that because I have different beliefs to you then I "lose" and you "win" in some great cosmic lottery, then so be it... just know that you don't appear to merit your God with much in the way of ethics. Just because I don't have the right knowledge about the world, which leads to the right beliefs, doesn't mean your God would make me "lose", not unless your god is an amoral monster who condemns people as lost merely because they're ignorant. Tell me, does your God do that?

And thirdly... do you have problems keeping on-topic? Why are jumping from one topic (drugs) to another (Christian devil worship) when all of thise has nothing at all to do with me, reality, or my religion?

Okay, the one thing I see missing here is that there is a thing called addiction. Some people have addictive 'personalities' (although something more biologically-based is really the correct term), and propensity for chemical addiction can be genetic. Brain chemicals are also heavily involved, and some people are (perhaps subconsciously) seeking to balance those off-balance chemicals with external substances. I don't think drug use is simply a measure of character or a way to placate the soul of a 'hard life.' Granted, some people do use drugs simply to expand the awareness in a mind-altering kind of way, but even THAT might be a genetic tendency.

It's not all just a matter of socialization (as in, this-or-that will make you more boring), or just the fact that drug use can unfortunately turn people into what most would consider "less desirable" because they become less proficient at conversation, or stinky (cigarettes), or less healthy. And it can't all be chalked up to strength of character, IMHO, although I can see how some people would believe that: both parents or several blood relatives had problems with drugs, thus they 'learned their lesson' by witnessing their family's destruction. (And I can't wholeheartedly disagree with that!) However, drugs in one form or another have been around for eons, and will probably continue to exist unless/until humankind can find less destructive chemical (and perhaps social) alternatives that help to right the balance. Currently, we live in a culture that screams, "DRUGS ARE BAD!" and since most are illegal--except, curiously enough, alcohol and tobacco--it's obvious we don't have a holistic understanding of the mechanisms, and political moralizing turns certain substances into *evils* that we're continually warring on... The War Against Drugs, and so on and so forth.

I don't smoke or use drugs myself, and I agree it can be a little annoying to go out and then be surrounded by stinky secondhand smoke, or people falling down drunk or strung out on the Drug duJour, but there's a deeper problem going on here. It helps to also see things from a fairly wide, scientific angle sometimes. ;)

No lj here: just wanted to say that for myself the pleasures of cigarette smoking are heightened by the way it's regarded as a form of antisocial behaviour. A lovely form of civil disobedience is to light up at train stations every time they play 'we would like to remind you that smoking...' loop.

Sometimes the aggression engendered by alcohol can be useful. I would never have had the guts to smash fuck out of my local army recruitment centre at the outbreak of last year's war if I hadn't been tanked up.

Your views were interesting to read, but why did you omit pharmaceutical drugs? Tranquilisers, anti-depressants, painkillers cause more damage than all the drugs you listed combined.///all best ~Simon (

how r u gonna tell me that if i smoke i will be irrlibale and a decrace to socity well i have news for you because i smoke and i happend to hold a vey imporant job and hundreds of people reliy on my every day so go head with your stupid shit

"Britain is not doing enough to stop people from smoking, public health experts have warned"


This entire site is amazingly BIASED! To the author(s): get actual facts instead of just stating your opinions as fact. Some of the information is factual, but much (especially on this page particularly) is just opinion and contains no medical information. I cannot understand the thought process you have that makes you think that you're preaching the truth. Maybe look in medical books or perhaps read something that actually speaks the facts. Plus some people might see this and learn a lesson from it...which would be fairly wrong. Next time you update this site, use proper facts and not your biased opinions to preach to people.

Well thought out and poiniant, I can see why some are unsettled by such comments

Having come across this website by accident whilst researching links between alcohol and cigarette use, for my MSc, I was very impressed with the observations and perceptions made by Vexen with regard to the long term effects that alcohol and drugs have on peoples ability to socialise, reason and control their emotions. I am a 30 something, ex art teacher, living in London, having completed two degrees, one art and design based and one science based, the second degree with a focus on cognitive neuropsychology and pschogenetics. I am not some old aged pensioner sitting at home disapproving of what the youth of today do, to find pleasure, or some middle aged academic too cushioned by work and money to loose touch with what is going on around me. I have and still am clubbing in London on a regular basis, and travelling North twice a year for a music and dance weekender. I have spent 20 years in clubs watching the effects that alcohol and drugs have had on close friends, family members and the general public at large. What Vexen has observed rings so true to my own experiences and observations, that I applaud the effort that has gone into writing such a thoughtful piece. I have spent more than two decades enjoying myself in clubs thanks to a love of music and dancing, but over the years I have become very conscious of what is going on around me. Unfortunately very few people are able to consume psychoactive substances, in moderation and without a dependency of one kind or another. I am tired of the number of times some one brings a new freind along who might seem perfectly sane at the start of the weekend, but after a few drinks becomes a grump bastard, descends to deep sulks or worse abusive and violent. I have lost track of the number of times I have had to put friends in the recovery position because they have passed out drunk and you don't want to risk their choking on their own vomit. It is no fun being around agitated people who are wound up and thoughtless, all because they’ve run out of splif or what ever it is that they usually medicate their moods with and are going to take their mood out on every one else, until the next fix. Yes there are a few people out there who can drink regularly and take drugs and they remain happy, amiable and easy to get on with. Research has show that we all vary in regards to our susceptibility to psychosis and what will push us over the edge and some one does not have to be an axe wielding murderer to be a pain in the but. Yes there are a minority of very unfortunate people who have had terrible things happen to them and have addiction problems and it is not a straight forward matter to just give up what ever their crutch is. I have life long friends who have suffered a catelogue of problems, who I would never turn my back on and ironically, because I am relatively ok myself, I’m the one of the few who is always there to pick up the pieces. However there is a big population of people in-between who do have relatively normal lives, who seem to believe that their freedom to be an individual gives them the right to take what ever chemicals they want, in what ever quantity they want and then afterwards to expect every one else to put up with the fall out. It is refreshing to hear some one speak up and say there are other choices in life. I don't particularly care if the author of this website is a Satanist or spends every Halloween up at Whitby with the rest of the Goths drinking and laughing in the church yard at 2am in the morning! Also you don't have to have a Bsc in Psychology and studied psychoactive substances to notice what is going on with other peoples personalities when they are dependent on caffeine, alcohol or hard drugs, you simply have to have tried living without the stuff for 12 months and open your eyes. If we have to wait until every one has access to a university 'Athens' account and the time to wade through journal articles citing the findings of empirical studies, nothing is going to change. Vexen has mades some very astute observations and any one who doesn't like them very much, has I suspect substance dependency problems of their own to deal with.

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