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Re: Suffering

1. Let us assume there is no God.

Here are some conclusions we can make related to suffering.

- It is un-important to anyone not directly being affected by it. Basically, who gives a crap if someone else is suffering since there is not absolute right/wrong or enduring reality beyong what we experience.

- Personal suffering is the meere result of a bio chemical reaction to and experience. Hence, we can overcome personal suffering through sheer intellectual will. example: Baby dies, mother recognizes loss as simply the absence of organic life form recently present in her environment.

Of course, I do happen to believe God exists and the above is a load of shit. The reality is we do suffer, we do feel and belief deeply that there is something inherently unjust about suffering. Let's say your penis gets sheared off by an angry dog while you were resting on a lovely beach. You will believe with every fiber of your being that this was just WRONG!!. All humans have a concept of injustice and dislike for suffering (unless they condition themselves to like suffering, in which case denying suffering whould be suffering :)).

Anyway, conclusion is Suffering exists and God exists. If God doesn't exist then suffering is simply meaningless and shouldn't bother us.

Suffering is very real. Just because they're biochemical (like gravity is a natural force), doesn't mean that you neglect the cause, or effect (of suffering, or gravity), once you understand its constituency.

Only a heartless, inhumane person would seriously stand by the immoral comments you have made. Thankfully, you yourself say you don't believe them.

But you also say you believe in God who, after all, created suffering as part of a 'good' creation, so I'm not entirely sure that you are sincere in your disclaiming of suffering.

Yes, people have a nature that lends itself to the understanding of suffering, but, this nature is driven by natural needs, genetics and experience (the famous genotype/phenotype or nature & nature dichotomies).

For all your talk, you haven't actually provided any evidence or logical reason why a god would exist, could exist, or does exist. What, exactly, are you trying to prove?

Re: Suffering

We are called from death to celebrate the news of His Love.

Prove God does not exist.
Prove suffering is not a way to offer reparation to God for offences against His great Love and Mercy and in union with His own Eternal Sacrifice.
Those that refuse to believe should not assume that they are correct.

Re: Suffering

AND Those that DO belive should not assume that they are correct either. They should merely assume that their belif is what is right FOR THEMSELVES, not everyone.

Re: Suffering

God didn't create suffering. . God created something that created suffering and to not create something that goes against you are not all loving..
In order to create ANY beings.. It seems like he had to cReate ones that would resist. Otherwise we who don't know everything could not know love..

Also remember. We are not all knowing. And even if you assume God is not then he still knows a seemingly infinite amount more than you or I. And millions or billions fold more than our race together.. So we can't always fathom why.... We can and should TRY but not in rebellion but in appreciation
Adam elias.

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