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Re: Good and Evil

I respect your beliefs. We all need something to believe in because without that, we have no hope. I can certainly understand your post, what I dont get is this:

your Bible says Thou shalt not judge. So, why on earth would you follow up such a good response with "Lastly, I would just like to point out that if everyone did what ever they wanted with out any moral concern(since there is no such thing as good and evil), I'd be willing to bet that about 99% of the people that posted here wouldn't live long, including the host." Why in the world would you stoop to such a level? and who are you to make such an outrageous claim? If your God is the only judge, then how do you think He would feel about your blatant condemnation of these people whose beliefs differ from yours?

I greatly respect Christianity and all of its beliefs, I dont necessarily respect Christians. Not to say I dont respect ANY of them, i do but, generally speaking. It has been my experience that with nearly every christian i have ever known that they are very close minded. Also, some (not all) tend to twist the christian philosophy to use it to their own personal advantage, to suit their PERSONAL needs, wants, and desires. I dont think that this is what God intended. Of course that is just my opinion.

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