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Vexen Crabtree 2015

4 photos of shaven Vexen

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404 pictures of vexen.

As hiddenpaw said, it's a big ol' 404.

However, that one photo is pretty damned scary. Um. No offense...but I really rather preferred you with hair. A bald Vexen is just too damned scary. Seriously. I'm likely to run away from you very quickly. Not necessarily screaming (I'm not sure I'm actually physically capable of screaming), but certainly in a highly distressed state...

Eek. And I thought the nightmare of being chased by a psychotic Not-Diva through Euston was bad enough...

Oh rats. You know what I'm going to dream about tonight now, don't you??


Don't worry, it'll soon be back. My hair was unhealthy. On the route back to full length, it is going to experience being bleached, being bright red, having streaks of all kinds of colors through it, then a bit later all kinds of plastic and hair extensions, then, finally, back to the normal Vexen unhealthy but long hair :-)

I wouldn't dream of doing anything scary... so don't you go dreaming it either ok.

ooh~ I think you look sexeh heh~ *blush*

Eeee, yay :-)


Wow, you're crazy. Good on you! :)

My hair was my tail though :-( ... I need to reconcile squirreldom with baldness somehow!


with your hand away from your face you look like COLIN FARRELL! *pantsdroolswatever*

(I always likes to compare other people to film stars)


Hey, I thought that too for about three seconds! Except, I dunno about this bald thing, Vexen! ::runs off screaming and ends up pouting in a corner, pining for Vexen's long lost locks:: Heh heh.

Somebody just compared my looks to Tawny Kitaen, and I've heard that comparison before. Hmmm. I don't really know what she looks like today and barely remember her from years ago. Oh well.

Interesting! Uh, I think hair suits you more than shiny-patedness though :P

And remember: Being bald is one thing, but having townie-style short hair is quite another!

Should I buy some pre-faded blue jeans and a stripey tshirt?

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mmm the 'gay' look to go with the camp mothering behaviour....

Oh dear, I'll be wearing skirts before you know it!

You look like a cross between Kevin Spacey and Moby, love PerfidiousPook (sheffgoths)

People have said "Moby" before... Kevin Spacey? *huh*?

Wow! You look like Michael Stipe!!! ;p

I just added you. Michael Stipe, I recognize the name... I think it's a musician/frontman from a band that I probably should know the name of.

Gay? You look like a fascist bootboy :p

Get some colourful extensions or piercings quick!


Now, all the goths who judge people by appearance can come show themselves up, rather than just the mundanes!

But yeah, the wild colors, white, blue red... then extensions of all kinds! I can't wait!

Or maybe it'll stay short! I shopped unsuccesffully for a electric shaver today. They're quite expensive!

It looks fabulous.

I suppose you're now tempted to grow a goatee? ;[)-

Well it is now Walpurgisnacht, so it would be the right hour to do so!

But... no, it's not even tempting!


You *gasp* shaved *gasp* off *gasp* your *gasp* tail?!

*falls over*

Stop gasping... or are you imitating me in the bath?


Yeah, it's a big change! I'll have to come showcase my new look at some point!

No tail :-( :-( ... I got a self-identitity problem now... I am very like a squirrel... but how can I be one without a tail? *a bit lost*

I'll figure it... if I find an energetic, intelligent animal of similar grace, I might change species!

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you look like Rik off right said fred

stiil verry cute, though i wouldn't make any sudden Squirrel movements in the middle of the street if i were you;~}

i'm keeping MY hair;~}

Excellent shaved head look! Very smooth. I hope you enjoyed the experience :))

Website photos cant be seen

Cant view your website..and all of the photos are empty blank boxes...perhaps a tech glitch somewhere.


hey vexxen ur really hot u kinda turn me on if u got any xxx pics of u post em on ur website plzplzplz tahnx

Lesser magic /mirror effect ?!

Well to tell you the truth , I was first shocked and kind of scared . I really though you looked like a neo-nazi :-s of course I had to click on these photo’s during the rise of our fascist party during the election (see journal entries ) so I guess it was a panic reaction. When I read you ‘I look so gay’ comment I must say I laughed very loudly – it never crossed my mind LOL. But my mind has been calmed by some Moby coments ; -) And , looking back on it , It is kind of silly , it’s just hair – you are who you are ,hair doesn’t matter shit (when personalities are involved) however they CAN be a way to express yourself .… In fact I have gone through a similar change some time ago – though it was actually the other way around .I went from ‘scary /outrageous’ to ‘good / eerie normal(-sih)’ :- ) Conclusion ;You are who you are , and in a way you thought me a lesson in self-reflection . HS

Re: Lesser magic /mirror effect ?!

O my God Vexen you are like Helen of Greece:)everyone compares you with the famous person they like .I think the beauty of your inside makes you look great to everyone. Sooo you look like Vin Diesel for me.


I came across your site accidentally and thought I'd let you know that it disgusted me, it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't just pictures of you, looking gay. Make-up is for girls, as are pig tails, why did you do it? Your pictures made me physically heave, several times, and I now feel ashamed to be distantly related to you. I sincerely hope you die soon.

Fuck you.

- Disgusted.

p.s I can't believe you wore pig tails. I am sickened.

No, Vexen. You are not gay. You are steel-shaven. Purified with stainless steel, like a fucken green beret or Army Ranger that kills everything they see because the government likes it that way. Just don't try to kill without the government's permission or they'll lock you up and throw away the key. Hypocrisy to the hilt. Now, being shaven has to have the right attitude. I find with a full head of hair, that shaving the entire head is a burden. However, if a person is bald on top with just hair on the sides and back, then it's much easier to maintain shaving. No Vexen!! You are not gay! Rub your shaved head wildly against a beautiful girl's vulva and watch and hear her explode in ecstasy. Now you're home.


I can understand why you did it. can I say it...I feel sorry for you. Long hair looks GREAT by you!!!You -almost- make sad...Greetz Gif(poison).

Re: huh???

No, wait...You REALLY make me sad!!! (Poison:Fast think of something funny... A SQUIRREL!)

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