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Vexen Crabtree 2015

This is a diatribe...

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I won't claim to understand...

...but I can't help but be intrigued, maybe even inspired.

Tempted to write something similar.

Re: I won't claim to understand...

*Vexen has a little giggle at himself*

This makes me smile. Especially:

>Vexen: Can you ever force me to accept you?
>Satan: *purr*

erm. dunno what to say, except... cool :) you have a weird mind, and I like it *snugs*

I find you terribly interesting, so i've added you as a friend.
Hope you don`t mind.

As Stray said, inspiring, I even have a vague idea what you are talking about :). This is in the grand philosphical tradition of diatribes between a person and god or satan. Have you read the Screwtape Latters?

nice text. bit confused, but if u'r just having a bit of fun, nice one, and if u'r serious a bit, sorry, i guess. me friendz a deducated >christean<, i'v printed it out for II c what he thinkz...

but temple of dreamz by messiah, cool..! do u have the remix..? me used II have the remix on 12". proberly still do. it'z good.

me'z in the >libuery< now, so i'll look for a copy of the satanic bible. what do u think my chances are..?

c yuz...



complete stupidity

i think your fucking mad...mad in a really horrid way...

Jesus loves you whether this is a joke or your true feelings. You are not dead you are alive. God gave you life and wants you to be happy! I have had a lot of problems in my life and truly I can say I have survived by the grace of God. I am praying for you. You are obviously a very intelligent person...why not use the gifts you have for good...Angela

1) I am happy.

2) I do use my gifts for good.

Just because I do not share your beliefs does not mean I am unhappy and does not mean my talents aren't used for good.

I'll reciprocate your comments:

I hope that for your own happiness you will stop believing in fairytales and gods and learn to use your time to do good things instead.

Re: Hi

[Q]Just because I do not share your beliefs does not mean I am unhappy

When I read your web site your conversation between you and God I diden't get the feeling you were happy.

[Q]I hope that for your own happiness you will stop believing in fairytales and gods and learn to use your time to do good things instead.

I never gave the impression that your beliefs were fairytales. I to believe in satan I just don't worship him matter of fact I hate him. All I've ever seen him do is tear down,kill and destroy people.
On the other hand Jesus died to give us life and joy.
I feel that I have offended you and that was not my intention at all. You seem to be a very open minded person just wanted you to see the other sides point of view. I'm still praying for you because you are a special person and I want the best for you.

No, don't worry you haven't offended me, but when I write text it always comes out pretentious and serious-sounding.

Try my journal in general...

I definately qualify as a perky goth...

Back to the theology...
How did Jesus' death (assuming he existed) give or either life or joy? Before and after Jesus died people have had life, and have had joy, I don't see how his death has any impact on that.

I'm happy you're praying for me, man :-)

Re: Hi

[Q]Back to the theology...
How did Jesus' death (assuming he existed) give or either life or joy? Before and after Jesus died people have had life, and have had joy, I don't see how his death has any impact on that.

The Life I am pertaining to is a spiritual life not one of the phycal. When JESUS died on the cross His blood covered my sins yes it happened 1000s of years ago but time is of no essence in the spiritual realm. I cant prove to you the existence of Jesus intectually, but I can threw my own experience. I was young an un married women{actually a very young girl} I was into drugs anything that helped me escape the pain I had been abused&used. My life wasn't worth living. One day while I was on a trip satan told me how I was nothing and everyone would be better off if I was dead.he told me I could stop the suffering If I just died.
before I slit my wrist I cried out to God "if your there and you can please help me"... I excepted JESUS as my SAVIOR and my life hasn't been the same.Is my life perfect nope but now I have peace,joy and love something I never experienced until that day. Its not that I want to convert you I just want to show you that you have a choice.With God you can have joy,love and life.satan cant give you that even he knows it.he can substute these things but its not the real thing because its not pure.You can only get that from God
I'm glad I haven't offended you and I'm glad you don't mind that I'm praying for you I can see that you are very talented and intelligent.It would make me so happy to see you use the gifts God has given you to encourage hurting people.

God Bless Love and Prayers Angel{a}

Thanks for your testimonial. Every religion has enigmatic followers who have had similar experiences, however it is impossible for me to accept your experience over anybody elses. A Hindu experiences the same liberation by entering into a relationship with Hindu gods... you with your God, each person in fact, with their own God.

Unless you can approach me more intellectually, I cannot accept your experiences any more than any other religions', in the modern world as we all become more intelligent and knowledgable, you *do* need to give more intellectual reasons why your experience is more valid than the Muslims, Buddhists or Hindus experience. Otherwise it's just yet-more religious talk, which the rest of the non-religious world thinks is more suitable for talk in a psychiatrists chair than a method of witnessing.

Re: Hi

Very good point! However all religions require faith not intellect Christian ,Hindu and even devil worshipers...therefore if you are searching for the truth you shall find it...there is a saying us Christains have try Jesus...

God Bless Love and Prayers Angel{a}

Just wanted to drop by and hear your opinion...from checking out your site I see you stay very busy so if I annot you just say so and I'll go away.I checked out your pictures.What a change sense you were young.I thought maybe if you had time you would share your testimony on how you became a devil worshiper.It's very interesting that I even came across your site.
Any way hope all is well with you.
Love and Prayers Angel{a}
(About how people in general convert to Satanism)
Why I am a Satanist by Vexen also includes notes on my personal experience.

Re: Hi

Hey Vexen...Just thought I'd drop in to see how things are going checked out your links interesting...u didn't like church{Christian}partly to do with the offering then why... Church of Satan affiliation Page. There is a $100 [US]Dollar joining fee! ???
also it is stated that Independence Satan, if anything, represents vital existence independent of reliance on any God, Saviour or benevolent spirits....hmmm thought satan was your god do u not worship him then how can you be independent? Are you saying you don't depend on satan or spirits?

The Book of Lucifer 2 goes into much more detail on this particular point.

About me, firstly, I do not worship Satan. Secondly, I do not depend on Satan. I create the symbolism around Satan, it's character and imagery, according to my needs and wants at any particular time.

Re: Hi

Hey Vexen,
I see so your not a devil worshiper a satanist sorry i dident know that there was a difference. I hope the best for you. If your truly happy and at peace thats great. Someting I read on your site that puzzled me a satanist is born. How is that possible isnt that going against your will?

It is also against free will that a black person is born a black person... is there any point in changing what is natural?

Some people are naturally Satanists... our genetic make-up lends itself naturally to a willingness to accept Satanic symbolism. So be it... fighting against Human nature is sometimes necessary, but sometimes isn't.

Just curious to what the hell that is you wrote there because i sort of understand it and dont.
Do u believe there is a god ? or dont you? why dont you ?

Re: What the fuck?

No, I don't believe in gods, angels, demons, etc.

The page is a look at what relationship there would be if such things did exist.

Why dont u believe? do u believe in evelotution or that we just *appeared* out of nowhere?
So let me get this straight, satanists dont actually believe in satan they just use him?

Re: What the fuck?

Erm... what's evolution got to do with anything? Until someone comes up with a better theory, the theory of evolution is by far the best we've got to explain life.

And... go read: (basic introduction to Satanism)

and (Who is Satan?)

List of essays on "Who is Satan":

(Deleted comment)

Re: Oh, where to even start...

IT WAS ART, YOU FUCKWAD. It was poetry, it was symbolism. Just because you don't get it does NOT give you the right to tell him he's stupid. If anything, it's the other way around. For someone with such a large vocabulary and a penchant for the verbose, you are a close minded waste of time.

Re: Oh, where to even start...

i don't think he's a fuckwit at all, just a bit theatrical. but what the hell? the boy has brains and at least tries to use them; most peple don't.

Dude. That was GREAT. The very idea that Satan surfs the web is Satanism at its core, isn't it? Either way, I like the pages too. Keep it up, eh?

Your dialogues are pretty good.
Maybe intersting.

AI vs robot slaves

dear sir, i have been reading your pages with vast interest. if your opinion of artificial intelligence is correct, would that not make the stated aim of the CoS (to create "artificial human companions") immoral? This surely is no different in principle from the scenario in "Brave New World" To me, that society is wrong, despite functioning smoothly and with happiness because it is compulsory. Which leads to the free-will/determinism debate of course!

with best regards, RS

Like poetry much?

Have you read The poem "Litany to Satan" or, "Cain and, Abel" or, "Pagan's Prayer" all of these can be found in a book entitled "The Flowers of Evil" Other good books I'd reccommend are "The American Bible of Outlaw Poetry" or, "Flowers from Hell a Satanic Reader" written by Shreck
Sharon Olds "Satan Speaks"
"Gorgeous Chaos" Check these books and, poems out whebn you can and, hail! satan!

I do wonder =)

I think this man is very intelligent, he shows his wiew of belief and that is good.
I to wonder, and have not yet found a good answer to all the questions i have. i do know one this tho, i dont belive in the bible, i've talked to alot of Christian ppl, and they really dont have any good answers to what,who,when or why all these things happend that is writen in the bibe.
I, myself think that its hypocritical bullshit but thats just me.
Its is a fairy tale based on nothing.
I just happen to stumble over this page and spent the last 2 hours thinking about all this.

well i just wanted to say i like this page and i hope you keep writing so i can read more of this
MVH David (sweden)

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