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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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What is the grand declaration of war? I've seen it noted to once or twice, but haven't read it. I will guess in advance it is a diatribe against decadence, mental ill health and their biggest representative on Earth, Christianity.

(See my reply to Arkady about Christ). I haven't noticed him concentrate on Christ as an actual opponent as distinct from Christianity as a whole - yet Arkady said the same thing - maybe I've missed a book after all! (With the amount of cross-content, cross-references that occurs between the notes on his books, I'm not sure if I've read them all or not! I will re-read them all as I purchase them, as I only own a few)

He does lash out with berserker fury, I agree! I think he got sick of people taking too long to understand him, and maybe wanted something Very Obvious, so that it might annoy more people, and get his message more attention!

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