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Merry Christmas dude

I've been looking through your site and 9 out of 10 for effort, but it seems to be a mixture of historical truth, conspiracy theory and half-baked ranting. Your arguments aren't particularly well thought out and I'm surprised you haven't sunk to 'but if god made everything, who made god?' yet. You're no doubt sincere and fervent in your (lack of) belief, but that seems like a great shame to me. You should put your energies into something wholesome instead of this self-depricating endeavour

The Christianity you refer to isn't the one I'm part of, and picking holes in the Bible isn't a worthy start point for argument. Your view of the crusades is well off the mark and your article on 'the unforgivable sin' is tripe, you obviously don't understand it at all. You've made a big deal about the virgin birth but most well informed Christians know that the Old Testament refers to a 'young woman' not a virgin. Was Mary a virgin? I don't care, and most of the Christians I know don't either, it's window dressing as far as the core message goes.

There are a hundred other issues that scholars far more informed than you have investigated and brought to light, but none of them detracts from the faith and don't cause issues for thinking Christians. You also make a big deal about free will. Free will is central to the Christian message, but again you don't understand it. Shame really.

Re: Merry Christmas dude

Picking holes in the bible is a very worthy starting point. Christians and their beliefs/arguments are like a slimy slippery ball to pin down. One discredits them, so they just duck and weave and claim that what their holy book is saying is not what it's saying. Very much like the way you do. Simply: If that's how your belief system works then don't call urself a christian.

Vexen: Excellent work on the site, if you were a god I would worship you ;)

Christians: You make me laugh and howl with derision. No logic, no evidence, no common sense even. You are all either: 1: Stupid 2: Infantile 3: So scared of death/non-existence that you need mumbo-jumbo emotional crutches to make life bearable. Sad

Re: Merry Christmas dude

first of all if you read the Bible it tells you that Merry was a virgin AND IF IT IS IN THE BIBLE YOU SHOULD CARE EVEN IF IT IS THE LITTLEST THING IT IS IN THE BIBLE SO IT DOES MATTER


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