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Religion in the UK, links to stats, commentary and news, etc.
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Re: Merry Christmas dude


2005-07-21 04:19 pm (UTC)

Picking holes in the bible is a very worthy starting point. Christians and their beliefs/arguments are like a slimy slippery ball to pin down. One discredits them, so they just duck and weave and claim that what their holy book is saying is not what it's saying. Very much like the way you do. Simply: If that's how your belief system works then don't call urself a christian.

Vexen: Excellent work on the site, if you were a god I would worship you ;)

Christians: You make me laugh and howl with derision. No logic, no evidence, no common sense even. You are all either: 1: Stupid 2: Infantile 3: So scared of death/non-existence that you need mumbo-jumbo emotional crutches to make life bearable. Sad

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