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Vexen Crabtree 2015

3.2 miles...

In the 30 minutes between 02:02 and 02:32 I jogged 3.2 miles... which works out as 9 minutes 23seconds per mile over three miles. My aim is, tomorrow, to do 2 miles in 16 minutes.

I didn't go to Sluts meet today, I slept in late and decided to instead cook a large quantity of rice, chicken, onion, herbs and oysters, drink coffee and play Warcraft 3. I'm completely nocturnal at the moment.

I'm reading a book on Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and other dictatorships between 1918-1945. The blurb on the back states that in the early 1920s most of Europe's 28 states could be described as parliamentary democracies, but by 1941 only 5 remained intact. By 1938 16 of them had succombed to dictatorships!
Oh... a random page on Satanism & Dictatorships:
Fascinating period of history... it was a world of faulty idealism! One which the USA government hasn't managed to emerge from yet!

Another book I'm reading is Josephus' 'The Jewish War', first century history... another generally interesting period of history. Josephus made many sensible choices in his life, and the way people tend to rise and follow any old leader seems to be just as prevalent 2000 years ago as it is now... mindless sheep, that's what people are!

"In the depths of my heart, I can't help
being convinced that my fellow men, with
a few exceptions, are worthless."
- Sigmund Freud

I love feeling fit, strong and intelligent! I just wish I was as fit as my role models (say, a rather robust demon from hell...), or as useful/productive/relentless as Nietzsche or any of the greats of history. Endlessly qualified people! I want to be like them!

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"In the depths of my heart, I can't help
being convinced that my fellow men, with
a few exceptions, are worthless."
- Sigmund Freud

And now you know why I'm a Freudian!!!
And yes, I agree with the mindless sheep analogy, otherwise Christianity would never have flourished.
We did the dictatorship period at school... actualy found the Spanish Civil War interesting too. For some reason we spent longer looking at the variouse group's within the left wing, including Anarcist's, Syndicalist's's and so on.. it left me ever more convinced that lefties are not only moraly superior but intellectualy. The reason for right wing sucsess in this case was predominantly down to the right wing ability to, yes communicate better, but also to folow better, obey better and never, ever question authority. The lefties on the other hand all had their own opinion's and ideas, which although means a less cohesive fighting group, is much prefferable to an army of sheep!!

And whilste you may not be Neitzsche you have more than adequately proven that you can at least think for your self and do not need anyone else to tell you what to believe. Which is alway's an admirable quality ( the hot bod doesn't hurt either!! :) )

smelly woosy sqwrl!!


*pours bucket of water over you*

What you doing this weekend then?

laundry saturday and serving refreshment in t he rain in regents park on sunday

But if you were a demon from hell, you wouldn't be fluffy, and I wouldn't be able to cuddle you anymore 'cause you'd be too big for me to wrap my paws around. *likes you just the way you are*

Awww pretty flower don't worry, I wont make myself cub-incompatible!

I agree but...

I agree with you and I too want to achive the same level of 'greatness' but you have to remember that it's all at a cost; I don't think any of these people were happy with what they had discovered of life, what they found to be true.
And whilst knowledge is the source of all power, it's like becoming learned in something you have no control over.
I know that us Satanists are masters (or mistresses!) of our own personal destiny, but ultimately the only way to be fulfilled is within our own little space, and I feel in a way that the philosophers and sociologists and social anthropologists are looking for answers to a question that nobody knows quite how to ask...and are you prepared for the answers Mr Crabtree?
I have faith that you are!

Re: I agree but...

Thanks for your words!

In my little space, I wish to create a demonic, powerful person who can do anything, who gets things done and is fitter, stronger, cleverer than all around him (though I do not consider myself a leader, just a strong person), someone who can maintain his own physically and amongst intellectuals of any field. But it's a long road to take! I love trying, and helping as many people as I can along the way too.

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