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...my legs ache, my arms ache, I'm exhauseted (but have lots of energy)... my ears still ring.... yes I've been dancing like a raver to loud repititive music again. For many many many hours!

I didn't cause my legs to bleed under my boots like last time... although I danced more heavily. Neither did I do much trance/meditation dancing... I felt too distracted by the extra-cute Slimelight girls who turned out! Having said that by surprise I did trance for 20 minutes or so at about 5am.

OK... I met Joe (who I know via iakat) and two of his friends (Adam and ... er... another one). Adam goes to Hertfordshire University. They were bouncy, perky and sociable, yay! But I was only sociable for about an hour after going in... after that I was dancing too much.

During gloomy hour (10pm-11pm, buy 1 get one free) I drunk... 2 watermelon bicardi breezers and 4 lime ones.

The new (I think) girl in the cloakroom was as cute and fluffy as last time (I really should be more sociable!)

I drunk lots of water, had 2 coffees, a snickers.

I danced very hard! I realized recently I've been going to Slimelight for over 3 years! First time was 1998-spring, I think.

People who were not there who I always like to see: mrmime, meteoroid, iakat... erm I'm sure there's more. Actually I'm not normally sociable with Azziza... I should be more sociable!

Oh whilst waiting around London (I was in London from 1pm)... I bought Wumpscut's new album, "Wreath of barbs" and wrote a review of it for Amazon.

So I haven't been to sleep yet... I want to go to sleep 9pm today (Sunday).

My slimelight page: Slimelight

the student bug has bitten me, i don't have any money, so i'm being sensible and not clubbing.

this was my weekend in too.

i should be sliming next saturday, and failing that i will definatly be at black celebration...

now get some sleep :)

Hey, sorry I wasn't there, I've kinda given up Slimes for the moment, I seem to go out every night during the week and am always knackered by the weekend.

But I'll try and be more "sociable" when I next see you ;pp

Aziza (only has 2 z's btw)


Oh yeah... I've been spelling your name wrong since time began!


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