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Vexen Crabtree 2015

4 miles

Have worked out a new 4.2 mile route to jog... but the route is a bit silly... it was hard to find a route that would be both easy to remember (i.e., keeping to main roads and only turning round to come back at a particular prominent point that I couldn't miss), and reasonably close to 4 miles.

I'm jogging to Blackheath (opposite Concert Hall) and back, then jogging to a particular main junction and back again.

After a week of this, I'll be on a final 5-mile regime. I'll reply to this when I get back and then cook some pies...

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Took me 36 minutes! This is good news, my program aim is to do it 35 minutes, this means that I'll get this one no problem.

I never managed 2 miles in 16 minutes, closest I got was in 18 minutes. And I only managed 3 miles in 26 minutes, but that was close to my aim of 25 minutes.

This basically means that I'm not behind on any particular point on my schedule BUT as a whole I am some days behind as a result of not starting out doing it daily, except with situps where I am generally doing twice as many as required.

Are you training for a marathon or something?

No, but now you've put an idea into my head!

I'm training to be a professional assassin!

Hahahah! Um, er, well good luck with that heh.

hello, mucker - just enjoying reading through your website :)

I'm a lapsed satanist of sorts (read: beligerent, control-freak aetheist) and very much enjoy reading arguments about christianity, satanism and the hodge and podge of life ... so, I should have about a year's worth of reading material now - ta!


Yay, always feel free to poke me when you find stuff you don't agree with or stuff that's crap! And do it quickly before I become the new infallible Catholic Pope!

and did hepoke me and coem on he didn't...smelly sweaty sqwrl!

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