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Re: Anerica "land of the free!?!?"

Do not assume that all Americans are like George Bush. Not all of us voted for him, just enough to get him in office. Thankfully, he cannot run for a third time. Yes, we are the land of the free and very proud of it. We very much appreciate and value our freedom and do not take it for granted because it was hard won. Having been born and raised here, and with all our faults, I would still prefer being here than any other place on the globe. Oil? So what? Doesn't all countries need it? Do not heads of other countries see that their country's need are met? A lot of the criticism about Americans have no basis. President Roosevelt did not want to take America to war because we were coming out of the depression and trying to get soundly on our feet. And, yes, when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, it was the turning point. I read that when an aide told Churchill that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor the only thing he said was, "thank God." Because he had tried to get Roosevelt to bring us into the war, he knew they needed our help. I have read so many distasteful remarks, and mostly from the British, that I ignore it because it is simply not true. Not too long ago there was an article in the Daily Mirror (a very British left-wing paper) that said the British people needed to confess to their jealousy of America. May be should and then get on with life. We don't care what the British or any other country feels about us. We live our lives and go on. People believe what they want or what is convenient to believe. American, like all other countries, has it's good and bad points and people. Many people who knock us, hjave never been here. As for Americans not speaking proper English. We have our own culture and ways like the rest of the world. Just because we spell some of our words differently (harbor instead of harbour, jail instead of gaol, color instead of colour, tire instead of tyre) doesn't mean a thing. The words are just spelled differently.

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