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Re: Anerica "land of the free!?!?"

I visit the US twice a year as I have family and close friends there, but I would NEVER live there. The American people are not free because they do not choose to be. They live under the misconception that they have freedoms under the constitution but at the same time they are slaves to their constitution.
There are exceptions, but on the whole the American people are self satisfied, smug and completely ignorant of what goes on outside their American bubble. They are obsessed with their polarised politics and jump on bandwagons like the Tea Party without first assessing what that bandwagon really stands for. Many cannot conduct a rational discussion about foreign affairs largely because they know nothing of foreign affairs other than what their partisan news stations tell them. On the whole they are too lazy to make any effort to find out about anything outside their own state. And they are ridiculously patriotic to the point that the rest of us want the sick bucket passed to us. Where are their brains?
Sad, very sad.

Just some quick thoughts...

Just a few thoughts... People forget that the USA is about the size of all of Europe. That's one major reason that Americans did not have much reason to speak more than English and haven't visited other countries. The USA that a European sees, is usually in one of the big cities in California or NYC. This is like visiting London and Rome and thinking that you understand Europe. The USA is very diverse and each state is very different. I find the essay very interesting and would have more impact if an American were to add their 2 cents. The writer is obviouly basing his statements on what he's read or experienced first hand. But obviously he hasn't been able to visit all 50 states. For instance, home size greatly depends on where a person lives. If they live in the city, it is quite small. If they live in a more established area, again their homes are small. If you go to some of the newly developed areas out West, the homes can be larger and with very little land. But, as the writer says, it is all about how much space is available and the terrain. As for how generous Americans are, you got to remember that the measurment should be $Government donations plus $Citizens donations. Americans want money to go where they want that is why they get a tax deduction on their income taxes so that they can give money as they seem fit. As a country, the USA Govt plus their citizens give the most money in the entire world. I found the WWII comments very enlightening. But, again, you got to remember that when this happened many years ago and it was before every home had a TV, PC, etc. Europe might as well have been Mars. So to go to war on 'Mars' for something that didn't seem to impact the average American must have seemed like a huge sacrifice. Specially when some that died were children of immigrants from other parts of the world who came to the USA for a better way of life and gave up a son for 'freedom'. Lastly, I agree that it is important for all world citizens to be more aware of what is going on in the world. Now that Americans are travelling more, have access to the Internet and Satellite broadcasting, they are truly broadening. But, again that can be said about all people. If you grew up in France, you were no stranger to Germany. Well, if you grow up in California you know a lot about Nevada, but are not maybe as concerned about what is happening in NYC, never mind France. I remember when the 9-11 event happened and I was in Phoenix, Arizona. The newscaster said something to the fact that people here in Arizona seem really upset even though this happened miles and miles away. :-) It didn't seem to register to the newscaster that it happened on American soil and that's why people were troubled. Anyway, I think the dialogue is good because maybe only then we'll all learn to be more tolerant and realize that the majority of world citizens are good and want the same things in life. Thanks for sharing your essay.

Re: Just some quick thoughts...

Hey Anonymous,
Good comments. I'm a foreigner living in the U.S. I also am very attached to my own country- a former colonial estate of Netherlands, France and England. My perspective has changed a lot as I have met many good and not so good peeps here and every where else. Also being a political science major with a foot in India, a hand in Africa , another foot in Europe and another hand in the States, i realize how personal perception is hard to achieve because I am a little biased in favor of my own country, of the U.S, of Europe and the Asian continent. I have been blessed to have been born on a small multicultural island called Mauritius, part of Africa where I learned 3 languages and learned about religion and many good things. Because of our colonial past, we were able to keep the best that the European colonies gave us and threw out the rest that wasn't so good to keep. I am also very grateful for my Indian roots and culture as it definitely helped me to understand more about my ancestors, food (yum yum) and how things work in India and other Asian societies. I was also blessed to come to the states and develop my cognitive,physical and mental talents surrounded with good peeps.This is where I also met my wife and we have a little boy now. The author did probably try to explain his or her stance and somewhat succeeded in painting a broad image but its not enough. America itself is such an anomaly that even its own citizens have many different conception of what its role ought to be. By the way, a good majority of people (including myself) are still lacking to a certain capacity to critically think without letting personal bias get in the way. Finally, if you look for good all the time, you will find it but it you decide to look for the worst of the worst, are sure to find it as well. I am striving to see a lot of good and tackle the bad when it shows up. I do not feel the need to alienate myself from a country, culture or people to please others or society/the world. I am who I am - a child of many lands and experiences and I would not change a thing about that. No regrets in loving Mauritius (miss the sandy beach, peeps and food),India (loving my Indian food and Bollywood), France(Kyo, Pascal Obispo, Coq au Vin and Louis de Funes are awesome as well as Strasbourg et l'Alsace), England (Go Man utd forever) and USA (Go Pats, BoSox, Celtics, Foo Fighters, and i missing a good elk steak!) as well as my Chinese movies, Glutinous rice cake (yeahhh). So cheer up and cut the bull crap guys. Life is hard but its still worth enjoying :) IM LOVING IT! By the way shout out to the peeps of Cologne in Germany, Old Traffod fans in Greater Manchester (?) England,peeps in Haute-Pierre, Strasbourg, France and the awesome 14ieme Arrondissement in Paris, Rexburg and the Snake River Valley (and Brigham Young University) in Idaho and Cantabrigians in Cambridge in Massaschusetts (617) as well as peeps in Chennai, India and Stanley, Mauritius! Keep smiling peeps!

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