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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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So from what i believe in accepting death one rejects it from what you write in the effect of deadism in which like one would find for example in finding something credible in feeling they are credible yet meaning something negative they merely feel something credible because they feel the need to, in a perspective of one thinking if they meant something that hurt someone yet felt peace with it, so if they are objective to the natural built in beliefs they have acquired then they in some way acknowledge pieces of the truth, because in doing the same they hate another does , which is not based on motive they see the other doing, and in a way of saying yet witnessing to whats good for one being good for another, they call someone else a hipocrit yet are unforgiving thinking themselves credible while from someone elses perspective who thinks they are negative (not being from their own perspective from mentioned before also) when they accept what they dont want to accept they can truly live because they have judged through such instead of not judging through these things which leads to a subjegation of self for negative to be self justified in self realization to do unto others as done unto.

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