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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Recharging batteries...

I haven't had nightmares for monthes... I don't know why, but I'm feeling unproductive even though I'm speeding through my course. Maybe it's because website production and music production have slowed right down whilst I am doing the massively time consuming new non-DHTML backend for the photosite.

So I'm recharging the horror and power by watching all four hellraiser movies...

"feels good, looks good, IS good..." as they say...

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*L* You need nightmares to be productive?! :Þ

What about 'The Exorcist' or ... let's see... 'Dead Calm' or 'Ghost Ship'? Maybe they're not gory enough, hmmmm. I guess I don't watch a lot of horror. 'The Ring' didn't scare me much at all.

The Exorcist isn't a scary horror, just a fun one with a load of blasphemy and medieval style plot... Hellraiser is true thought-provoking, inspiring demonology :-)

I haven't seen Dead Calm, Ghost Ship or The Ring though!

I love hellraiser because I love the Cenobites, they have good dress sense :-)

I haven't seen Hellraiser. Ghost Ship has a WICKED opening multiple death scene! If anything could give you nightmares, I'd think that one might. =:o

Hellraiser 1, 2, 3, Bloodline...

is the story of desire and willpower, intelligence and Human corruption that causes interactions and summons Pinhead and the Cenobites, the creator of the Box. The story begins when one man, after summoning the demons and becoming a cenobyte, who lives in hell in torture and pleasurous torment, manages to escape from the cenobytes and return to life, when his brother spills blood on the floor where he summoned the demons in the first place.

The first three films are about attempts (he is the bad guy, causing death and pain amongst everyone) to avoid capture and payment to the demons.

Highlights include: The first films' reincarnation scene. The second film's depiction of hell and the realm of Leviathan. The third films' highlight is an entire nightclub of hundreds of people being torn apart. The fourth film is pure mental plotline development with very little horror.

Pinhead just said...

"You look like death. Temptation is illusion. But the time for trickery has past. In this game we show ourselves are we really are</b>"

A woman, a demon summoned but held captive on Earth by a medieval black magician as a sex slave, has escaped to Pinhead and replies:

"What's that?"

Pinhead replies... "As the beauty of suffering!" and talks demonology to her a bit...

Then, 2 policemen burst in (they're in a new high rise building, and have been feeding bodies to a large dog for a week or so and the place is covered in blood and bones, 2 security guards heard noises and followed) and the policemen do all the standard "stand against the wall"

... but they're talking to a normal looking woman, and a seven foot tall guy in impossible black fetish leather and skirt with pins all over his skull, who is deathly white... the police keep shouting and one says "Don't make us put some pain in you" (he meant to say 'lead'), and pinhead says:

"Pain? How dare you use that word..." and the other cop is stammering "That guys got pins in his head..."

"Pain is only a shadow... pain has a face. Let me show it to you. I. am. pain. I know your fears..."

Pinhead employs his favorite trick, which is to summon black metal chains with hooks on the end, and they fall from the ceiling and pierce the police men... he "captures" them and turns them into pleasure-seeking fetish cenobites, and they become part of his new "troop".

Etc... it's a unique horror series with a unique demonology.

Ooooooooo, creepy! Maybe I'll have to rent one from Netflix!

It was Wes Craven who said... "If I don't have nightmares, I can't make films"

I'd do anything to stop my nightmares atm, they do nothing but dran me and make me unhappy :(

I know poor flower, when I read your account I kind of guessed there is stress of moving adding to stuff, but I know I don't actually know what's up 'cos I hardly know you :p so didn't say anything

Fear of unkown, of change beyond your own control = loss of control = nightmares like what you had, about insecurity and loss.

I think, anyway, I'm no dream expert!

Woo to Hellraiser films!

Sky Movies are showing them at random intervals recently, although I'd have to say the first is probably the best of the four.

Hellraiser info here to those who've not seen it.

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