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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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Do you know why you seem to get a sine wave with a wavelength of two months?

An internet phenomenon is that server bandwidth usage and server hits fluctuate in time with the academic years, so that monthes where students are at home and colleges are mostly closed have less internet activity. The reason, I would assume, is that the Internet is still a young population so many of it's high-usage users are also young and en masse rely upon formal institutions for quality internet connection.

But... aside from all that... the curves are nice aren't they!!

Oh, they're beautiful, daahling :)

I'm definately a fan of curves *innocent beam*

Nice curves

How about these?

They're ok but not so good!

So, erm, there's lots to do in North Yorks, then?


Oh yeah, there's so much to do here. Really! Plenty to do with gardening, cake baking, various agricultural activities and something to do with Jesus (must be a Mexican).

Guess you've seen the amazing pictures I took of Grimoldby. Fancy a trip up? :)

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