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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Monday / Tuesday 2-day selection testing & Vexen-Empowerment

I'm leaving at a ridiculous hour tomorrow morning to travel to a distant non-London part of the country for 10am... where I will be subjected to physical tests, medicals, examinations, all culminating in a final formal interview. For which I have bought a non-black suit and collar that would make a politician proud, and is now all ironed. The only thing I have to do is figure out how to pack the shirt as I don't have a suit-carrier!

I've spent months completing a physical fitness training regime designed to make sure I pass the tests, and months studying politics, sociology, military history and other stuff. Hopefully this is complete overkill: I will pass easily and with no problems.

Of course, this isn't the end of the selection tests, it's just a big step, but if I pass they might start paying me to continue training at some point this year - for a 3-month intensive period when I'll be mostly offline - and then for a 40-week period next year. Given that it's August soon, there's only 5 months left this year, which means I've only got 2 months to complete my CISCO networking course at College... there's nothing like PRESSURE to force my brain to remember that:

Printer ports, standard Centronic parralel ports, are assigned LTP port number 7, have output address starting at 378, and are given a very low IRQ number, along with floppy drives (6 or 7). AT & ATX power supplies' yellow cables supply +12v, blue is -12v, black is earth, red is +5v, white is -5v, orange is +3.3V (ATX power supplies only). Red Book CD format was released in 1986 (or so) by Sony & Phillips & set standard for audio CD format, Yellow Book for data format, then Green, Orange and Blue. Blue is multisession data & audio format used on DVDs, etc..

This year I've learned that _willpower_ makes my memory good and excellent, I used to have poor memory. I've also learned that when I dress as a mundane, in colored normal-looking clothes, I command the respect of the untermensch mundanes and become a charismatic leader & teacher.

So... hail fucking Satan, and tremble, you mortals!



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When I had a brief stint with the Royal Air Force (I was two weeks away from starting basic training, but I was offered a job with 2.5x the pay - I'm not stupid!), I had to do an AST (Airman's Selection Test).

It was about 60 questions testing various mental agilities, such as logic, problem solving, spacial reasoning, and other things you'll find in a good IQ test.

The questions were not majorly hard, but the killer on the test was that the 60 questions were divided up into four sections, with a 10 or 15 minute timer. I'm not reknowned for my speed, so I don't think I answered all the questions in each section.

However, I got a 70% pass rate, which was more than required (55% if I recall).

BTW, it's 'parallel' (failed! :) and what's the next address space after 0x378!

Probably COM ports 2 & 4, both being assigned to third IRQ.

My memory aid:

COM 1 & 3 = IRQ 4 (Add them up!)
COM 2 & 4 = IRQ 3 (Average them!)

Printer port:

0x378, pronounced "3 LPT port 7, 8", i.e., LPT 7 & output 378...

Good luck tomorrow gem, show them everything you'll do great!

Strange that a Cisco course requires you to know the minutiae of PC interrupt assignments: I've been designing/supporting a rather large Cisco-based network for 15 years or so and never come across a need for such knowledge.

[right now I'm planning a rollout for new releases of IOS on about 30 routers throughout the UK as a result of last week's denial-of-service vulnerability. Firstly, it's a good way for me to make lots of money out of the paranoia of site-managers. Secondly, it's an opportunity for me to refresh my memory of the arcana of playing with boot-helper and flash-memory-maintenance facilities on the little 2600/3600-series routers].

Ah, the joy of defensive configuration using access-lists!

Why on Earth would anyone ever be doing such things without a manual or chart anyway, that's what I want to know!!!

belated good luck and hugs sorry i didn't txt last night but i rapidly went slept first

Thanks flower, I kicked arse :-)

Rarrr, consider it all a success :-)

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