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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Tonight I done kickboxing and loved it! I came out completely utterly exhausted, something which the BJJ (last night) didn't do for me. I want upper body strength, it's my weakspot. So... boxing. And because I actively like proper kicking, running and dancing, I thought I may as well do kickboxing.

Last night I done Brazillian Jui Jitsu, which was ok. I loved wrestling, even though I didn't know what I was doing and I'd forgotten all the Judo I once knew (which admittedly I was never really good at). I came out of it with sore neck muscles, and sore craters on my shoulders and upper arms, and some mild skin tearing around my collar bone. Just a bit achey.

Tonight I done Thai Kickboxing, and it fucking ROCKS! I watched the class yesterday before BJJ, and done it today. Dancing for 8 hours at a time in Slimelight, in heavy new rocks, makes good prep. for a kickboxer! So does Vexen-style stamina. I loved the boxing, and loved the kicking, and I never stood still for one moment and instead danced; 'cept none of them had been to Slimes so none of them actually noticed that what I was doing with my feet would be called "dancing" by some!

Hardest part: Taking blows to the stomach. I get too tense & nervous about those ones. Easiest-part-that-I-thought-would-be-horrible: Getting punched in the nose by a 6.something foot black guy with muscles like a boxer.

I can do BJJ and Thai Kickboxing twice a week, each, on the same day (which I look forward to doing), but I can't afford it, so I'm going to stick with Thai Kickboxing most the time, and occasionally stay on, or alternate, and do BJJ every now and then.

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*the penny drops*

I feel like I've been to Slimes for a while.

There is a pattern here... something a bit consistent about Slimelight, and kickboxing!

Now all they need to do is turn off the crap they play in the gym, and get rataxis to hit us hard with eletronic dance!

Re: *the penny drops*

What's the crap? Aren't these places supposed to play Far Eastern style music with some huge gongs, or is Hollywood lying to me? (Of course it is)

Kickboxing sounds like a laugh, but wearing New Rocks anyway makes kicking the shit out of things child's play! :)

Re: *the penny drops*

Er, most the people I'm training with aren't doing it for sport or style, they're nearly all big black guys...

... and they play dancey black music, accordingly.

Of course you'd never find gongs in a Western boxing ring :p :p :p

... and you'll not find wishy washy arty farty spangly light hearted hollywood-orient sounds in any martial art designed to exhaust you and make you fighting fit! You just can't do it to the Eastern equivalent of elevator music!

Re: *the penny drops*

Damn films! I must have my wires crossed on this at so many levels.

Might even have to do some research now... look what you're getting me into!


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