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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Cool! :) Hmm, will have to have a look at your dream journal ... I do really like dreams.

I have another LJ (purple_dreams) where I put dreams etc ... not had a proper good one for ages tho. :\

Wow, you really do catalog your dreams! I have some pretty damn strange dreams, but I never remember to write them down.... bummer.

Todays meet is definately in the Consitutuion, and here's the directions:

From Camden Station, walk up Camden Road (past the World's End and Sainsburys). Take the third right up Lyme Street, then left across Royal College Street on to Georgiana Street. The Consititution is over the bridge on the other side of St. Pancras Way. Should be a 5-10 minute walk (about the same distance from the station as the Stag's Head).

See you there!

Thanks again :-)

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