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I was sat here, minding my own business, when I heard a kind-of fast clicking sound in my room. I looked around but couldn't see the cause. I thought it might have been a huge bee that I could go hunt and give a kiss. Of death.

But no. It stopped. Then started again. This time accompanied by a very slight and vague smell. Odd, I thought, and wondered over to my alarm clock and looked at it. I touched it. It was hissing and spitting.

Uh, I unplugged it. I think it was about to burst into flames or something, I'm just pleased I was around!

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Argh! Your Alarm clock is possessed

The bin-men are soon going to possess it!

My alarm clock did something like that a couple weeks ago. It wasn't really hissing and spitting though but rather making these "hack hack" sounds like something in it was trying really hard to operate but was being held back. Unfortunately I didn't know what it was doing so it made a couple loud pops and then the screen busted before I could stop it. Needless to say I yanked the plug from the wall and pulled it by the cord onto my floor so that if it DID do anything else it would be on my floor where I could smash it to pieces for scaring the hell out of me.

Anyway....I added you awhile back...I found something you wrote about seeing color and how you can't really PROVE that everyone sees the same colors....long story...but you ended up interesting me so I added you....

You have a smile-inspiring icon and a nicely personal journal (that isn't full of Quizzes)

How do you cope in Texas? :p

I'm glad my icon inspires smiles....I think I look like I'm smirking...which I kinda was...but oh well.

How do I cope in Texas? I don't the moment I'm NOT but that's a whole different batch of stories for a whole different day....

That's not good!

Glad you survived.

Thanx :-)

You survive, too. 'k

Oooherk. It must have been Teh Alarm Clock of DOOM!!! It's a good thing you unplugged it, those things are too evil to be left connected to a power source. *nodnods firmly*

Yeah, I hate it when Alarm Clocks turn out to be Alarm Clocks of DOOM. I think mine was an Alarm Clock of Darkness, luckily I evaded it's electrical attack, but accidentally took down some power station near New York in the proecess. Ah well, I'm sure they won't notice.

Just out of interest, did the clock have the correct rating of fuse in its plug? If so, and providing it's a halfway modern appliance, it ought to blow its fuse before it can draw enough current to self-immolate to any dangerous extent.

That's the theory, anyway. (-8

I am tempted to plug it back in and see what happens, you see, because that was my thought exactly, too, and I checked the fuse.

But... with electrical stuff, I'm not taking any risks!

Bung it on a tarpaulin in the middle of the back garden, and power it from an RCD-protected extension lead.

<disclaim liability=any>That'd be completely safe, and good for a laugh</disclaim>

Hmmm. I thought demons only infested computers (particularly those installed with Windows XP), but it seems they do alarm clocks too. Either that or it was a stupid demon.

Geeeeez! *L* I have a wacko nightstand lamp. It's one of those touch lamps. It flashes on for about a half a second several times thru the day and night, without anything/anyone even touching it. Must be a little gremlin in there, heh heh.

I'm glad you didn't burn down your apartment!

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