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Vexen Crabtree 2015

When I'm home alone...

... I tend to sometimes sleep naked with all the doors open, and upstairs windows open (so I can hear what's going on outside, if people are walking around, etc, hear the foxes yiffing loudly...)...

But I just dreamt of morse code again, so I thought I'd get up and practise :-)

I want to become an expert in high-speed morse code :-) [click click click... click...] *1000

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"Yiffing." Now there's a word...

- ♥ -

Morse Code isn't really worth learning these days - nobody uses it! The maritime services switched off all their morse-based ship-to-shore stuff some years back [they use satellite-based stuff for their emergency-rescue systems these days - everyone's got an EPIRB!] and even the amateur radio world [renowned for conservatism and resistance to change] is largely removing the Morse-proficiency requirement.

The only Morse Code I hear these days is S M S. )-8

All you need to know is,


Sleeping naked, huh? With or without a sheet over you? :Þ

In the modern world unfortunately the only thing you need is "dot dot dot dash dash dot dot dot"...

I think if you're ever desperate enough to have to communicate with the world in morse code, whoever you're communicating to KNOWS it's an emergency because otherwise you wouldn't have resorted to morse code... so to that affect, you could probably say ANYTHING and whoever hears it would go get help :-)

But I suppose if I sent emails in morse code, the help I'd need would probably be that of a shrink :-)

With or without a sheet, eh? Well I kind of curled up with a duvet[1], so I don't know if that counts as "over" me or not!

We had an absolutely scorching 2 weeks here, I was regularly sleeping naked with all the windows open without a sheet, and still sweating through the night!

[1] A duvet is not a posh funny sheet that goes on the top of the bed (as it is in American - I think), but the main big blanket...

Morse: are you planning a long trip on a cruiseliner or something? :)

Sleeping nekkid: Are there no fans in England? No a/c? ;) I understand the heat thing, though. It's very uncomfortable to try to sleep in that weather!

[1] Yes, over here I think a duvet cover is something you can button onto a bed comforter. It's much easier to wash than a comforter (which is usually ruined by trying to do so), and then you can use the same basic (expensive) fluffy blanket/bedspread but change the outer covering at will. :)

We have duvet covers too... it's very rare to see a duvet without one.

All my sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are of course black, 'cos it's completely impossible to find pillos, mattresses or duvets that are black! They're all fluffy white!

I have a wonderful big black metal industrial-looking fan, it was on all night every night for 2 weeks! Thankfully it's returned to normal now, and it looks like Autumn is rearing is beautiful but belated head.

We had 2 weeks where every day was hitting 30-35C, and the hottest moment was 36.4 degrees Celsiun (97 Fahrenheit). It was hot during the nights too. It was a real extended heat wave, no-one here is used to those temperatures! London has never been recorded as being as hot as it was this month!

I got showers, and just walked out of the shower dripping wet in order to stay cool for longer!

WOW! We're having really LOUD THUNDER right now!!!!!!!!! Yikes. :D

Well, be sure to drink plenty of water. I know how good it feels to take a cool shower and not dry off... just to try to stay cooler. And you could use a squirt bottle filled with ice water and just... squirt yourself periodically. :)

It's weird here today. Kinda warm, cloudy and now I think it just started to sprinkle. Strange weather for August!

Rarr, I love loud thunder! (Er, sometimes. Sometimes it's genuinely scary...)

I drink lots, and always have bottled water with me. I've never thought to put ice in bottle, though. I think I've even got icecubes in the freezer, too. D'oh. Too late, now the heat is over!

Thunder & lightning all night. :)

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