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Vexen Crabtree 2015

House of the rising warmth

Our house had had all the insulation removed from the attic, and there's a large hole in the ceiling outside my room leading to the attic, where they're building some new stairs... in short... all the heat in the house disappears out of our attic. It's nearly as if we have no roof! I don't quite know why the workmen are doing things in the order that they're doing them in... anyway, they've casually mentioned that next week the roof is coming off entirely for a week.

Lucky thing the cold doesn't bother me. Although I'll dress up warm and not want to get up in the morning, it's ok.

Hopefully the landlord will stick to what he's said and make us pay less rent whilst he has the new floor added to our house! Afterwards, we'll have two new housemates and permanently cheaper rent.

I've been a bit insomniac recently, so tonight I'm putting on Enya.

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The cottage I'll be staying in next week was Bloody freezeing in april especialy the bedroom which has no heater. God knows what it will be like this time. If it's to cold I may suggest felis and I snuggle up on the sofa to sleep instead.

I definately highly recommend you do! Kitties are great :-) you lucky man!

(Deleted comment)
That could have been a whole lot more susinct, good old William James hu? But on whole, agree with most of it. It's the one succy part of Jehovas Witness outlook, eternal life and peace and good will? how bored would you be? And how soon would you stop appreciating the good with no bad to emphisise it?

Sorry about the lack of style and formatting there, you stumbled across some personal notes I'd made and large quotes from William James! When I am away from home I write notes into my LiveJournal until I get home and put them into my notes files!

Ah, I see - still it made interesting reading (if you ignore the lack of 'flow'). But it did make me start thinking along Asimovian lines, so thats got to count for something right?

Yeah if I remember I'll let you know when any notes from that book appear on any pages!

It was interesting text... that's why I was noting it, I'll do a brief review of Varities... when I'm finished.

Some of those notes have now appeared... they are all linked from my "quotes" page for that book:

I've come to the conclusion that Builders clearly operate in some sort of alternative-timespace to us mere mortals. In BuilderTime™ things happen at half the speed of the Real World. Builders have firmly embraced the idea of "just-in-time" delivery of supplies and extended the concept to its illogical conclusion, thereby ensuring that projects overrun by at least 50% compared to their scheduled timings. Builders also deny the existence of a little thing called weather, which means they will be utterly confused by the appearance of autumn rain during digging of foundations - they will go on to lay concrete flooring during the frostiest months of the year and then wonder why it all crumbles.

Dog's Rule #1 when dealing with builders - always include penalty-clauses in the contract, with hefty penalties for any overrun.

We don't have normal builders!

They arrive at 8am and start work *immediately* and with gusto! They come in, cover the carpest and go! They're like automatons, and when there's two of them they rarely ever even speak to each other!

They work at full speed, they don't take breaks except an hour for lunch, and they simply work non-stop.

These are not builders from this world!

However, there is a potent single piece of knowledge which I should probably tell you... they're both friends of the landlord who owns the house. They're not just contracted out. So, they have motivation. And the landlord has promised us reduced rent whilst they're working, so he wants it done ASAP!

*makes you lots and lots of hot tea and lends you her leopard print fleece blankie while your roof goes walkies*

*cuddles you warmly like a good feline should*

*Hides in duvet from the cold with a book and hot drinks, and cuddles, and hides from the strange builders doing loud things to the house*

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