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Where are the so called Atheist Speakers?

WANTED To speak up for Charles Darwin

a prominent atheist who believes in Evolution to debate John Mackay
(International Director of Creation Research) in Shrewsbury, 14 February 2009
to mark Darwin's bicentenary.

Please email us on if you are interested to take part.

We will take good care of you, dine you, and chauffer drive you to the venue.
it will be an evening to remember and hopefully you will meet new friends.

Look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

Peter Jones CEng.BSc. Tel. 07910 799 112

Re: Where are the so called Atheist Speakers?

Not even a fool will think that when spaceship from way beyond the universe,in a distant glaxay,super intelligent being, created dont know how, please give me some more info. such are the so call minds of the day the space race will wipe out the people on earth, that is the type of rubbish you see on tv.

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