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I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only godless heathen in the world. I probably won't post here often. I have engaged in more religious discussions in my life than I care to think about.
Basically faith is no substitute for knowledge. It is only the last refuge of those who cannot deal with reality. 'Believe' what you like as long as it doesn't impose on those who don't care to hear it.
Have an average day!


ur such a butt!!!
how could u not believe in God!!!!1
R u dumb?
ok scientists have not been able to find out why or how the world exists!
Some sort of god must be there! or there would be no explanation of how things came to be
yes u don't have to be deeply religious but im sorry most atheists are bad people ok
sry to tell u, actually im not
any way if there is no God then there is no harm in believing in a god but if there is a god and ur a dumb atheist then ure in for some torture from hell
im so glad im not a fool like u!

Re: wat!

No your more stupid judging by the way you spell

Black Angel

Re: wat!

He hasn't got the time to listen to the rubbish that spews out of this guy Vexen's mouth. Call me stupid but I trust God. i would never admit to follow Satan. Repent before Hell is upon you.

Re: wat!

to define the deity that supposedly exists as good or evil strongly presumes that the deity is sentient
but we only have the creationists word for it that the deity is as sentient as they are

the whole structure is built on shifting sand
because if you read the bible carefully it says there is no 'god' either good or evil

once the metaphors used are cracked and understood the meaning behind the ancient text becomes clear

Re: Nice site !

vexen, vexen, vexen,

Belief in god is not about religion. It is not about assuming that because suffering exists that this means there is an absence of God. Viewing God from a religious perspective limits the vastness of the infinite intelligence behind creation. Religion is often ignorant of the infinite dynamism of god. It trys to humanise something that is beyond mortal understanding. Suffering is part and parsel of the human experience. Without sufferig we would have no awareness of pain, the pain of others and empathy would not exist. Without empathy, we are ignorant. Joy, pleasure, pain are all part of experience. Life is about experience and learning. If you desire maturity, then surely you must recognise that we must be able to adapt and grow through thick and thin or otherwise remain stagnent, innocent yes, but also vey ignorant. If we never suffered we would be far too innocent and assume that our experience is absolute and that it is the same for everyone. Suffering is about sacrifice. The transition of knowledge to wisdom. If you believe that a loving god does not exist because suffering does, you are failing to see the role of suffering and what it is about. If you personally feel you should not suffer because it has no purpose and because suffering means if there was a god he condemns us to it so then you believe that over all there is no God then because if you were god you would not have suffering, then you fail to see that we do not grow unless we lose innocense. if you prefer innosence over learning then that is your preference. It is not how it is for everybody else. Suffering is not nice but without it we would not really know ourselves nor appreciate joy. We need opposites to compare to in order to appreciate. Vexen, you are very hard line and miss out on the intricacy of the bigger picture.

Re: Nice site !

The quote above could have been my own reply, because it said it all!
There is so much in the Bible that proves, at least to deep thinkers, that it comprises so many mistakes, contradictions, errors, and illogical situations which argue against its own credibility, but theists will always ignore them. Because it contains some historical facts does NOT support it as a whole.
Also, quoting the Bible to support its own provenance, as many do, is disingenuous.
That progress should have been held back for so long because of religion is the world's greatest tragedy.
As Einstein said: "It was the experience of mystery, mixed with fear, that engendered religion."
It beggars belief that people in this day and age refuse to rid themselves of myths, legends and superstitions concocted thousands of years ago.
We live in a very pragmatic world, and until the entire population accepts that and lays down its crutch (god), then we will never know how much we could have really achieved.
Given the propensity of people to grimly hang on to the past for all they're worth, I can't see it happening in my lifetime, and I'm not holding my breath.

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