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Belief in god is not about religion. It is not about assuming that because suffering exists that this means there is an absence of God. Viewing God from a religious perspective limits the vastness of the infinite intelligence behind creation. Religion is often ignorant of the infinite dynamism of god. It trys to humanise something that is beyond mortal understanding. Suffering is part and parsel of the human experience. Without sufferig we would have no awareness of pain, the pain of others and empathy would not exist. Without empathy, we are ignorant. Joy, pleasure, pain are all part of experience. Life is about experience and learning. If you desire maturity, then surely you must recognise that we must be able to adapt and grow through thick and thin or otherwise remain stagnent, innocent yes, but also vey ignorant. If we never suffered we would be far too innocent and assume that our experience is absolute and that it is the same for everyone. Suffering is about sacrifice. The transition of knowledge to wisdom. If you believe that a loving god does not exist because suffering does, you are failing to see the role of suffering and what it is about. If you personally feel you should not suffer because it has no purpose and because suffering means if there was a god he condemns us to it so then you believe that over all there is no God then because if you were god you would not have suffering, then you fail to see that we do not grow unless we lose innocense. if you prefer innosence over learning then that is your preference. It is not how it is for everybody else. Suffering is not nice but without it we would not really know ourselves nor appreciate joy. We need opposites to compare to in order to appreciate. Vexen, you are very hard line and miss out on the intricacy of the bigger picture.

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