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Dear Vexen,
I think it would be illogical because it: 1. would be a waste of time and 2. because it would undermine his all-powerful monotheistic nature (assuming that being a "God" requires omnipotence. Maybe God created this world as a test. Maybe we had some sort of pre-Earth spiritual existence with him. Perhaps we volunteered at that time to come to this place to brave the pleasures and pains realizing that in a short time we would return home and learn something from the experience. Also, like I said before, if God was evil he would not enable us to experience pleasure in our two most basic functions - reproduction and eating. I don't believe I can prove God is good. But I do think that the existence of pleasure proves he is not wholly evil. Perhaps he is a mixture of Good and Bad just as we are. If so, by hating him, we hate ourselves, and if we hate ourselves, we stagnate. I think God is neutral as to this reality (free will reigns in this universe), and God is good when it comes to some greater reality (the afterlife (and perhaps "pre-Earth" life - if we existed before we came into this place). I understand your point though. If I was God, I would test people and I wouldn't make every one completely equal, but I'd give everyone a fighting chance and limit pain as much as possible. Thus, you might be right - God might be evil - but there's at least some evidence that he's not all bad.

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