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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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If you hold that God cannot limit his own power, then you are saying he is not all powerful and thus the basic attribute many of your arguments depend on collapses. I would say that yes God could kill himself if he wanted. For those that believe Jesus was the physical manifestation of God, God the father did indeed let the God in physical form die. I consider myself a Universalist/Unitarian, so I do not think that Jesus was God, but yes, theoretically, God could kill himself. I think you should consider joining the Universalist/Unitarian Church. It is a very liberal church that does not believe Jesus was a God just a great teacher. We also believe that you do not have to be a "Christian" to go to heaven. Furthermore, we do not believe in Hell. I will reinterate this as my main message though, God cannot be completely evil because life is not completely painful. Eating and sex, the things most fundamental to survival are pleasurable, if God was truly evil, he would make everything painful. I cannot prove God is completely good, but I think it is impossible to prove God is completely evil. As far as God's existence goes, I think String Theory helps bolster the argument that some Godlike being(S) created this universe because now we know that microphysics is based upon order and laws as well (before microphysics was all just based on chaos). The fact that everything, large and small obey certain laws and that everything is made up of the same "stuff" (i.e. vibrating strings of energy) I think argues in favor of some Godlike creation, although I cannot "prove" God exists.

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