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I have always been leery of verbal contracts drawn up in this lifetime with God. Those priests who drew up these contracts (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, whatever) and those (lay) who subscribed to them, were always fallible mortals subject to worldly error. Thus, the value of such contracts always seemed suspect to me. Not to mention incredible errors and massacres committed in order to ‘fulfill’ these contracts, sullying and trivializing the Sacred World of God (Christ’s) for the last two thousand years.

So I looked for some way to liberate our adherence to God’s Word from worldly considerations. The only route I found to do this was among the Cathari Perfecti of the Albigensian heresy, suppressed by Catholicism during the XIIth Century: the first, foremost and most correct Protestants, if you will.

Christ categorically forbids prayer in church in Matthew 6; this despite all the babble propagated by mortal religious contractors, since. I sought, in the Consolamentum of the Cathari, a detour through this carefully cultivated bramble patch. I believe I have found it.

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