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Mozilla Firebird is the next Mozilla browser. It's like Mozilla but it's designed for normal people to use, not geeks. It renders the same, but has a much nicer interface, and the stuff like mail, news, address-book and IRC have been removed and made into their own standalone packages, so all you get is the browser. It's pretty neat, and especially for testing web stuff. There's an extension for it that lets you load the current URL into Internet Explorer, and there's another one that lets you edit the CSS of a page live, without reloading. Really cute stuff.

As for what's happening, I think the button's preventing the first column from floating all the way to the left, so there's no room for the second column. Try putting a clear: left rule in the CSS for the left column.
You can see what's happening in this shot:

Oh you answered my question as I asked it...

I liked the trimmed-down, no-additions, efficient browser-only-ness of it, many new browsers just make my old machine go slow, this one sounds like it'll be fast.

I've added clear:both to following CSS (I'm sure you'll get the gist):,div.title,div.BottomBar,div.Content{width:780px;margin-top:1em;margin-left:1em;clear:both}

All the content is in div.content, but by adding clear:both to all three main divs, I'm making sure that if random stray bigger-than-expected floats start messing with things their affects wont cross into the major pre- and post- content bits.

But... the whole site looks a bit funny, it's been a while since I fine-tuned style stuff for /other/ browsers!

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