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Ooh I like the way Firebird speak, I'm installing it... what's your experience of it?

Firebird is pretty neat, been using it for something like a year now. Be aware that it's not a finished product, hence the 0.7 and a few rough edges like the lack of an installer. If you find yourself adoring Firebird and want to play the nightly build game, read Burning Edge - they report on every nightly build so you can see if it's worth getting the latest build (i.e., if the bug that's annoying you has been fixed, or there's a cute new feature you want to play with).

While you're playing with Firebird, try out some of the extensions. I use:
  • All-in-one gestures (mouse gestures for going back and forward, reloading, etc -- very addictive UI enhancement)
  • EditCSS (modify a stylesheet in place without reloading)
  • Checky (run the current page through a code validator.. don't install the 2.0 on this page, follow the homepage link and install 1.5 instead. This lets you do things like check accessibility and generated HTML validity really easily)
  • Tabbrowser extensions (tweak how tabs work - like putting them at the bottom of the window, or making pop-ups load in tabs instead of new windows, etc)
  • Download Statusbar (downloads in progress show as little blocks in the status bar instead of having their own window - really pretty handy)
  • Cards (Solitaire, Golf, bunch of other card games... ahem :)

Checky sounds very useful!

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