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If you replace your old RetPassage() with this one, it works in IE 6, Opera 7, and Mozilla. I don't IE 5.5 or 5, so can't test on that, but this is standard DOM manipulation, so it should work back to 5.0 I think.

<script type="text/javascript">
function RetPassage(){
  var temp=window.location.href
  var i=temp.indexOf("?",1)
    temp=temp.replace("%20"," ")

    passageElement = document.getElementById('Passage')

Also, because you don't specify a !DOCTYPE at the top of your document, you might find that CSS reacts differently across browsers. Then again you might not :) Using a DOCTYPE rather implies that you're coding to a specific standard, and geeks will bitch at you for not validating, whereas if you don't bother they probably won't pester you. Geeks like giving out opinions, but they don't much like teaching apparently!

I've found that declaring a doctype on a few of my sites actually stops some of the styles working from my main vexen.css, and although I tried for ages to get it to work for the particular doc-type (predictably I was using the least strict one), I couldn't fix it so I had to leave off the doctypes.

On some specific pages I found it didn't interfere, so I left it on, such as on my main (However I just rechecked and it's returning some odd error about not being to understand the doc type, I'll look at that later)

I'm guessing that it was sticking to a specific standard, and therefore ignoring/altering the way it read certain attributes, but I wasn't having any luck getting those attribs to look good just sticking to the standard, so I had to remove the doctype commands with plan to try again another day!

Yeah, if there's one thing I've learned about web design, it's that retrofitting standards-compliance is next to impossible. The only way to do it without getting grey hair is to do it from scratch. Can certainly understand you not wanting to do that with the number of pages you have :)

Frankly I wouldn't bother. Commit to making your new pages validate if you like, but save the fixing of old ones for a very very rainy day.

The script doesn't need a doctype though - would really appreciate you using it instead of the one that doesn't work on my browser :)

I have certain pages where I know they should validate, the ones that I rewrite a lot (like the main front page)

I just fixed html401 validation for vexen/index.html, I needed to set the encoding to "windows-1252", which I've now set in the HTML, it was set to ISO-something (std western one), but apparently that was wrong. (I guessed a dozen or so different likely-looking ones until it accepted it!)

I've changed it to use getElement. It's been ages since I done JavaScript stuff. It's been a year since I descripted all my sites - ALL the menus and many other things used to be written through document.writes held on centralized .js files!

Yes, the poor-admins's ASP/PHP: do it on the client side ;)

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