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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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They're the mainstream versions too, there's hundreds more!

Hmmm. Well, I guess that makes sense.

Anyway, [unrelated], I altered a photo I posted recently for Halloween. It's very vampirish now; I thought you might like to know... seeing that you have 'vampires' listed in your interests. :) I think the original post was on the 31st.

You know I dated a vampire media fan, I attended some of the parties and regular meetings of the London Vampire Group and Vampire Connexion, and she looked not unlike you in those photos!

Er... I can't decide if, from your point of view, that's either "mildly interesting" or "a bit creepy" :-)

I don't remember putting vampires on my interests though!

Last I looked you had vampires in your interests. :) Anyway, it's somewhere between interesting and a bit creepy, only in that if people are really drinking each other's blood--yikes. They'd better be careful and knowledgeable about blood-transmissible diseases!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one I dated was a nurse and was fully qualified to know all things blood related :-)

Anyway I meant creepy that she looks like you, not that she likes vampire movies :-)

* puts on wild eyed look and a Type O Negative[1] voice and sings "She looks like... you!" *

[1] The Band, not the blood group! Quoting from song "My girlfriends' girlfriend"

Oh. :) A nurse who looks like me. *L* That's not all that strange. My looks must be fairly universal because I get mistaken for this person and that person all the time. "Don't I know you? Aren't you Debbie/Lisa/Janet/Kelly...?" Really, it's annoying. :Þ I'd rather be more unique, but... oh well. (And I almost did become a nurse, btw.)

Yes, I was thinking about the blood type when I read 'Type O Negative.' :) I found out my type is O+. I don't recognize that song, though. Sorry!

O+ , the mortal enemy of type o negative!

You'd hate them :-)

Erm... just to make sure I say at least something a bit useful in this reply... Type O Negative are a angsty-teen-orientated gloomy/dark rock band with catchy songs, they're "goth" in the way that Offspring are "punk" - i.e., the popiest expression of the genre possible, to the extents that most people wouldn't consider them "goth" or "punk" except insulated pop culture people.

But, however, they are sometimes nicely melancholy and have some really sweet tracks, when they're not whinging.

I know... if I got a transfusion of the wrong type, I'd be DEAD.

Ew, pop-cized goth?? I think I'd like authentic goth better. :)

Whinging? Or whining? ;)

"Whinging? Or whining?"

Oh stop whinging! Or... whining? Oh I don't know!

I was thinking of something from the Harry Potter books... an address: something-er-other Little Whinging. *L*

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