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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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50 = a bit hard, but I still done it :-)
Will I do another 50 at 10pm? Probably not but I'll try!

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Wooo I done another 50!!!

I done 50, only resting after 40 for a few seconds, before doing the last 10 pressups. But it was easier than an hour ago!!?? Easier? It made me think I'd miscounted, so I done another 10 just to make sure.

I was right at the dead-weight level of muscle tiredness. I think I was ready to start doing 50s... I didn't know it though. And I kick myself sometimes that I work in such anal numbers... why isn't my aim ever to do seven more? Or to do 45? Or 55? Why's it always multiples of ten?

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(Screened comment)
The only reason I mention it.. is that anyone who's doing multiple sets of 50 of their own accord is clearly insane.

The psych tests were not to test if you're normal but to make sure you're not!

I do a third set of 50 in 10 mins... I'm eating a plate full of pasta and corned beef, I think it'll be ok. But (again) I think I can't do another 50 today (and I want to go to sleep, exercise is way better stimulant than coffee!)

i thought it was the pyschs you'd had a problem with, oh well :) and when are you gettign your rear into a pub meet or something...?

I'm going to unsub from Sluts on Wednesday, but whether or not I make it to this or next meet I am definately coming into to London to see my big sis. before I go!

good!! want me to look afte Cleo while your away?

Good point, yeah! Otherwise he'll get cold and lonely, although he spends all day in my bed anyway so maybe not "cold".

yeah! i can introduce him to Roy adn Iain the new felines in Barney is currently sulking at them and the cthulhus are well..i;m nit sure but i think it invovles what sauce to use...

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