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What is "True Satanism"?

What is "True Satanism"?

What are people saying when they claim that others are not "True" Satanists? What is a True Satanist? What is "traditional" or "real" Satanism compared to LaVey Satanism?

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I could be mistaken, but it's my belief that "true" satanists (as in those who are the root cause in what then became the domino affect to create what we see today in modern and various forms of satanism) are the Illuminati(scientists who claim to posses the 'light' of knowledge).
It's a problem in linguistics.

Lucifer means (i believe, and as you probably already know) Son of Light (or in the least something to do with the light). The name Lucifer was associated with the devil due to some unfortunate mistranslation in the

"How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning."

Originally applying to Jesus but St. Jerome also applies the name Lucifer to Satan when writing his comments about Luke, 10, 18:

"I beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven."

Luficer and Satan therefore became synomomous (satan/shaetan, as you probably know, meaning "opposer")

When the church became aware of the people who called themselves the Illuminati, the church then dubbed them as Satanists (opposers of the church, due to their scientific significance, and because of the coincidence of their name.)

Also, the devil displayed within the first testeament was simply a "tester of faith". He was still a servant of God whose position was merely to complicate the minds of man in order to see where their true loyalties lied. As christianithy became more evolved, however, he was being more represented as evil, mischevious, and less a servant of God. This applies also to his demons/minions.
anyway, my thoughts :-)

-- an intrigued passerby

They'd be gnostics of some kind, but I think it's completely wrong to call them "Satanists" or even "Satanic", although they share some qualities with all sub groups.

I agree with your history of "Lucifer", and have a in depth page on that very topic:

The Christians do indeed call the Illumaniti devil worshippers (not sure they ever used the word "Satanist" though), but, they DO call EVERYONE that historically, including all "Pagans", Native Americans, Arabs, Hindus, etc, and I don't think that because some Christians view non-Christians (even atheists) as devil worshippers means that it is actually correct to call them devil worshippers! It isn't, but such was the short-sighted nature of Christianity.

I agree that in the OT the Devil was clearly an agent of God, who only acted on permission of God and who asked God for permission to act before it acted. I think the literalist Christians broke this concept and formed, in the 1st/2nd century, a belief in a literal Satan. This Satan reached it's heights of strength in Medieval times when Christianity verged on dualism at times, but since Protestant Christianity has shrivelled in importance to an almost irrelevant superfluous part of normal Christianity. (Normal means: Not American style evangelical Christianity).

Your view of Christianity

Learn something about Christianity before you comment on it.

Re: Your view of Christianity

i dont want 2 b hateful 2 ne one, but by Gods grace we r saved, & yes the devil was thrown out of heaven, bcause he wanted 2 b more powerful than God, that will never happen!!! There is so much evil around, the Bible says that the devil goes around the earth like a lion seekn who he may devour,"I pray 4 ne soul that is lost, nobody knos the hour or the day when the Lord will come bak, but take heed, b ready, 4 even the angels n hell tremble! i don't think my life on earth will b much longer! The ole devil has had me down for a while, cause he knew that i would b out there witnessing for Jesus! young & old, u just don't kno what pain is,"eternity of hell awaits u if u don't give ut heart 2 God, there is no happiness n serving the devil, God Bless<3

>Lucifer means (i believe, and as you probably already know) Son of Light

It actually means Lightbringer ...

Dont we have a bit of an
oxymoron here in true satanism?
I mean even from the point of view of
people who relate to the idea of
themselves as being satanists...
could be wrong not something Ive thought
a lot about, I mean read Huysmans and so on
You know in a way Charles Williams in
War in Heaven gives three distinct types
in the characters of Gregory,was it?,
wbo desires sacrifice and the god of
sacrifice, human sacrifice though it is in
this case, and Manasses who desires
destruction of what is... and then the
third who seems a Greek or perhaps some
older race(Atlantean?) who desires
and hopes for nothing at all. On this
scale and from the perspective of the
other side, the first is the most human
and "with him agreement will be made"
and the last the least human...

Re: initial problem

Atlantean? (maybe, I don't know Charles Williams)
Desiring nothing at all has got to definately be the least human... it's unimaginable. Yet, it is the Tao!

In popular culture horror movies and cheap films, often the evil bad guy would be one who wants to destroy what is. Once it was said that even angels, destroyed with pity for suffering Humans, set out to destroy the world. Destruction to end pain... that's more human.

But not preferable to creating, though!

But although popular culture (through horror movies) might attribute such a desire to Satanists, none of the main bodies of Satanists (LaVey, FCoS, Setian, etc) would entertain it.

wbo (sp?)
Is that Human sacrifice of the self, or of others? A Satanist might be said to self-sacrifice to the self, to give this life meaning in the face of the incomprehensibility of the meaning of life. "Indulgence!" is the keyword, a self-sacrifice at the expense of the other term LaVey used, "spiritual pipe dreams!".

Satanists are a funny bunch... and given the individualism that pervades the left hand path, there are many more schisms and divisions than within most other religions. (But as it's mostly a disorganized religion, the differences are (mostly) not destructive).

Re: initial problem

"True Satanism" is an oxymoron in the same way that The Islamic Conference denies that Osama Bin Laden promotes "true" Islam, or that one Christian groups claims the "true" gospel, and one religious believer closes his mind against truth by declaring all other beliefs "not true"... as soon as people start categorising the world into two camps, "What I believe, which is true" and "What others believe, which is wrong", they're closing their intellect, emotions, heart and mind to anything but themselves.

Such is the nature of emotional insecurity!

uh...well "true" though that is
I was thinking that perhaps
Satan is so somehow unusual
a character as not to wish to
be true at all and indeed that
his innermost secret is his
and that perhaps this is not
a point of view, although it
may indeed be the true one,
uncongenial to some degrees
of his votaries?

Re: what I had in mind

In that everyone wishes their own beliefs were true, and those of other people were untrue, to use "true" to demote or promote a belief system is almost a tautology. I think! (There are no self-confessed false Christians!!)

Obviously for those who do believe in a literal conscious Satan, no amount of wishing-it-away would result in a change of belief. Theists who believe in Satan frequently do allude to Satan's greatest trick in order to explain away those who don't... but I think that all belief systems have some internal explanation of why everyone else doesn't believe the same thing.

Conspiracy theorists... have propaganda and government power! These things stop others from knowing the same truth!

Atheists explain away theists as being self-deluded (the ultimate trick!)

Wiccans explain away others by saying, "Every person has their own path!"


A famous poke at Buddhism is... "The Buddhists' greatest trick is to convince himself he doesn't exist!"

If only we didn't care what the truth was, life would be simpler!

but then it wouldnt be as intersting
as it is if we didnt care perhaps..?
dont you think that it is possible
to be in love with imagined nonbeing?
freud certainly thought it was..
I would have thought a kind of
satanism would rest on that impulse...
indeed I have known people who thought
they were satanists in whom that
thought seemed to derive from that

No, without caring for truth life wouldn't be interesting. I personally just couldn't live without that ever-present doubt of what I know, and intrigue to know what things might be true!

Some people look like they're crashing through life without wanting to know, just driving along on automatic.

I do think it is possible to be in love with a nonbeing.
I wrote about it... ("Abstract thought" as a facilitator of falling in love with nonbeings!)

It's also possible to be in love with someone, but to imagine that person is completely different to how they are! It's about the same as being in love with an imaginary being.

I think we can definately create imaginary loved-ones, or reverred ones, and then put love on them, and I think people do this to make themselves complete when life isn't what they want it to be.

LaVey Satanists equate life, your own life, with reverence, and the point of life is to love it! So Satan is then only pseudo-imaginary, a self-admitted love of ones' own ego. Such is LaVey Satanism, not quite the love of an imagined being (as ones' own life is real...), but not quite a love of anything in particular about life. Or not really the "love" of Satan at all.

If I was asked, "Do you *love* Satan" the answer would definately be no! An atheist can say he "loves life", but can't quite stretch the emotion far enough to say he "loves the universe". Pantheists might!

Love is complex and if this topic continues we're going to have to get out those three greek types of love... what are they? Eros, agape and something?

I don't *anyone* who claims eros love of reality...

well as to love, there is the old
edith hamilton book the greek
sorry old tiny bookseller joke to the three loves, actually the
greeks had a fourth word which I forget
...uh...hey lets pack it in just now.
had enough of that stuff at one time
or another...anders nygren "eros
and agape" gives eros a bum rap but
the distinctions are not so clear
...after all eros is that which ,not
speaking of the erotic as such, but of
desire as you know Sedir (Yvan le Loup)
was desir rearranged...desire is what
transcends ets ek-stasis etc..
nah 'nuff from me
toddle off to me rum toddy and
then so to bed in dictum of S Pepys

It's always so refreshing to read your essays!

I don't know, maybe I'm just getting a bad attitude toward most *religion* (the big three, anyway). I am so fucking sick and tired of feeling like I have to be kind and apologetic to Christians or believers who are more than happy to step on MY toes and shove their damn ideological crap down MY throat! I think I've been exposed to too much of it most of my life. I'm seeing that the biggest evils are really ignorance and stupidity, but I feel I'm up against both almost everywhere I go, and it's disgusting me. I almost want to move to another country!

...which then makes me feel that I'm just not tolerant enough and I need more education. ::sigh:: So then, I come and read your pages and learn something and then I don't feel quite as bad. ;) I don't know why this theological struggle is such a thorn in my side, but it has been for several years. I keep wondering when it's going to end! I'm always stuck between being highly skeptical and not believing anything, to wanting to be open-minded, to then seeing religion used as a crutch and as something that shuts off people's intellect, and I get disgusted all over again. Especially when religion is the backbone of certain wars and other social ills. I'm just not sure the *good* religion does outweighs the *bad.* Sometimes I agree with what Mao Tse-Tung said, "Religion is poison." And I'm surrounded by it, and then all I can say in my exasperation is (pardon me, but) FUUUUUUUCK.

Oh, but I guess I should just go read the article now. ;)

You know, after reading that comment, now it just looks dumb! *L*

Anyway, uh... I like your icon. ;)

Nice icon, isn't it? :-)

I can empathize... I do exactly the same things sometimes... I come home literally seething with confused aggression at how people can be so stupid, short-sighted and ignorant in ther lives. And then I also sit and think that maybe it's me being intolerant!

It's not just the religions... where religion lacks, football follows... you know about UK's terrible reputation of football hooligans? Well it's true. There's no escaping the poor quality of the human masses, and they'll find banners to display, the untermenschen are the same whether they're religious bigots or pub-culture slobs.

It's a horrifying thought that I still don't accept.. but we'll be surrounded by this forever, no matter where we go. If you move, you'll find a refreshing lack of religious bigotry. But you'll find a terrifying increase in other causes of bigotry. It's a universal constant!

People have crutches, religious ones or not, and I have no idea if the masses get better or worse without them... except that many individuals don't haul themselves out of the gutter until they've dropped these crutches. Most people don't even know they can walk without them! Maybe they can't.

Religion is posion, it brings out the worst in people! Choose a football team... choose a religion... they find anything to hold up as their rosaries... church attendance or football attendance! Patriotism!

So... long life misanthropia, and onwards with the lifelong search for good people!

(Oh (I think this parenthesis is going to be a long one, be warned), our self-searching "maybe it's ME that's wrong" is probably one of the biggest signs that in life we're thinking about things more correctly than all the ones who evidently don't think that! People don't analyse themselves and try to find what's wrong, they dull search insecurities with matcho behavior (I spell that word without a "u"... damn USA cultural imperialism! (Well actually I do prefer that spelling anyway, like color!)). Mind-dumbing TV and life-dulling beer are probably most peoples cures to doubts over the worth of their lives. The whole human species needs a detox!

Anton LaVey writes that as the TV has replaced the Church as the provider of the status-quo, the subduer of people who might otherwise start to think, and that the first thing a Satanist should do is "remove oneself from the firing line!". (Of course 'normal' people (the rare ones) can watch TV fine without turning into a zombie).

Erm... what was I writing... erm... *tries to turn off rant mode*

Ah yes:


Ignorance and stupidity are the biggest evils. But don't underestimate the role of additives in dumbing down our vital body/mind health!

It's not going to end... this is it... humanity... forever. And on that positive note :p here's a random link, just to show that even the worst people sometimes fight for good causes!:,8224,742456,00.html

In "they dull search insecurities with matcho behavior" the word "search" should say "such".

I have no idea if I got the horrifying mix of brackets sorted correctly in all that ranting. Perhaps I should close a few, just in case I left some open?

) ) )

That'll do it!

*L* No, I understood. I didn't know you spell macho as "mautcho." ;) Or, matchou??

I didn't spell it with a "u", surely? It's "matcho"

Hang on...

Today hasn't been a good day for me... maybe it is "macho" not "matcho"... I give up!

Oh, you meant with a T instead of a U! I didn't quite get it. *L* No, normally it's spelled macho, at least here in the U.S. I know the UK generally adds a U to words like color, honor, pallor, etc. And they use an S instead of a Z for words like recognize, realize, materialize... It's fine with me; I can understand them either way. :) I DON'T quite understand the adding an "r" sound to the ends of words or names ending in a vowel. Where did that come from?

I've had kind of a crappy day, too. Damn. Just after I had a string of really good days.

Oh I didn't get what you meant with the "u", no we'd never spell it matchou!

Most English will randomly use "s" or "z" on many words. I think that I nearly always spell "realize" with a z as you do.

Can you give an example of the "r" sound? Like what word or name? Like "Rose"... wouldn't ever have an "r" sound at the end...

I remember some beautiful moments when an American girl who I loved would sometimes get English things wrong, the "little differences" are sometimes awkward, always confusing, and sometimes adorable when people get them wrong!

You'd never guess, for example, how you pronounce the place called "Gloucester", or "Leicester". It's ridiculous, sometimes, is language!

The 'r' sound I meant for words like data or names ending in an -ah or -uh sound (usually a vowel), like Xena. ;) I can't recall how many times I heard those New Zealanders pronounce Xena as Xener (the ones who spoke with their accent, no matter how well they tried to hide it)! I don't get it. :)

Oh, and then there's the "schedule" but I think we already talked about that. Actually, it seems more correct to pronounce the British way, but U.S. English has a way of choosing which consonant combinations will have a soft "sh" or hard "ch" pronunciation, like Chevy or cheese. :) (Chevy pronounced as Shevy.)

I don't know how to pronounce those places! Can you spell it out? :)

Oh right, in comparison "Data" sounds funny the American way, like the first "a" should be a double-a, "daata" and the second a needs to be an a with a dot on top or something, to denote a quick ending!

In English, perhaps it's "dayter", in American maybe it's "daata!"

Is New Zealand "Xena" same as British, "zee-naa", and is USA American "zen - a!"? Maybe.

This is a difficult conversation to do in text...

"Schedule" might be more phonetic the English way, but English and American aren't phonetic languages. Russian is! So "shed-yule" is more correct in American, and "sked-yule" is more correct in English, but both languages are nonetheless close enough for most differences to be negligable. I think. Most the time!

Except with "pants"... but that's funny rather than important!

(When Americans say "pants" we say "trousers", and when we say "pants" we mean underwear. The misunderstandings on this one are often amusing. Say to an English person, "I'm just off to change my pants for tonight" and they'll definately raise an eyebrow!...)

Gloucester, which looks like a fearsome 3-syllable word, is actually bludgeoned to:


And likewise Leicester is not "lie, cess, terr", it is:


You're right. If it's not religion, it's something else. There's a medical talk show on one of the local radio stations in which the doctor/host has discussed this issue of ADDICTION. We humans have needs, we are largely addiction-prone and it is usually our cells craving something they lack, but other times it may be our brains that are searching for something... some kind of chemical balance, connection, or meaning, or fulfillment.

No, I haven't heard of the UK football hooligans! (Is that what we call soccer over here?)

Yeah, I know I'll find this stuff everywhere, which is why I *almost* want to move at times. I realize it'll probably just go from one set of problems to another. :\ (It sucks to be a somewhat idealistic perfectionist.)

I suppose some people do need crutches or else they'll fall over if they attempt ambulation under their own strength.

I'd rather hold MYSELF up as my rosary. ;) Heh heh... (half-kidding)

This constant questioning whether I'm the one who needs to think about things feels like a blessing and a curse, if you will. I'm glad it prompts me to ask questions, but damn, what a pain in the ass it is. ;) Lifelong search for good people is definitely a part of it!

I try to watch TV with a critical eye, while knowing when to just enjoy, say, a movie. Many TV shows I see are on the Science channel or PBS, so there's no real dumbing-down there, and the entertainment I try to keep in mind is just that--entertainment only. Beer? Nah, I don't drink; or, rarely. My body doesn't seem to like it and I'd rather hang onto my liver and brain cells, thank you very much! Actually, sometimes I do exercise while watching TV. That's one way to keep it fairly healthy. :)

You are definitely right on about the health & detox! For such a medically advanced country, we sure are going down the TUBES with our health and fat levels! The chemicals are very bothersome to me. I think I'm one of the human *canary in a coal mine* types. My body reacts to whatever we really shouldn't be exposed to in the first place. The EPA should use me as a warning system! *L*

Humanity. Bleah. It's a love/hate thing with me. :)

I think I heard about that Bush article on the War on Fat. Yes, one good thing he's done! You probably wouldn't believe how many obese people there are here in the land of Baywatch. ;) People are also under-hydrated, overworked, under-rested, and ridiculously stressed out.

Thanks, vexen. :)

I'm not unfamiliar with the streets of SanFrancisco, and of Seattle, and the surrounding areas... and in some cases have photographic evidence of the obesity problem...

But don't worry, never far behind the USA is the UK! We're catching up fast in that area! (Well, wobbling up fast anyway).

Yeah, football is soccer.

... and thinking IS a curse! Made worse by the fact that once you've started, you can't stop and don't want to, no matter if it hurts!

We met a young German couple last year on vacation. They were camping next to us at Big Sur. We got to talking and one thing they said was they expected to come over to California and see a lot of tanned, svelte, athletic-looking bodies, but what did they find? A lot of fat, F A T people. Needless to say, they were very surprised.

I've read the UK and Russia are almost on par with the US in the obesity department. Food is abundant, way too many fast foods and junk foods at the grocery store, people are busy with little time to cook, and not many are interested in exercise. So this is what we end up with. I wrote a paper on this for a college nutrition course back in '88 and got an A+, on the paper and an A in the class. Most people know very little about nutrition besides what they hear on the TV news; it's amazing. Thing is, nutrition and weight control are relatively new areas of serious study and fertile grounds for research!

As my pet male would say, "put away the bon-bons and get off your ASSES." ;) ....I'm so glad I love working out. Sometimes I'm tempted to post a pic of myself in my undies or a bikini just to point out, "see, not all 40+ Americans are obese!!!!! Some of us try to take good care of ourselves!"

Oh, yeah, and the thinking. Actually, one thing that's so good about exercising is it gives my brain a rest! Sleep, sex, and exercise. :)

I didn't know about Russia, last shock I got was when Austrialia was reported to be ahead of the UK on the way to USA levels! I still don't believe it!

I know too little about nutrition.

You used the term "pet male" :-) :-) I remember you said you liked it :-)

It's cool that you keep fit, it's always one of the inspiring things about you!

Exercise doesn't give my brain a rest, but it depends on the exercise. Sex and sleep though, they're always welcome breaks!

Speaking of sleep, shouldn't you be in bed by now??

Australia too?? Oh, good grief.

There's so much to learn about nutrition. I used to be better about it but these days I've been concentrating more on the medical side of certain conditions, and how foods & chemicals relate to them.

Pet male. Yes, I think *hubby* would like that. :) We don't have kids, so in a way we're a family of our own, cat and all. :Þ We all purr when content and love having our bodies petted and fur (hair) stroked. :) And we kinda romp and play like cats do at times--minus the claws! OH, and I know you don't watch TV, but on a show called C.S.I. they featured a Furry convention, although I only caught about the last 15 minutes of the episode. Except, it looked like the people wore costumes rather than just accessories or face paint. I thought you might be interested to know that one of your subcultures has made it to national U.S. television! :)

I sure try to keep fit. Jeez, sometimes it's not easy though, having to work around certain *problems,* grrrr. I'd like to lose about 10 pounds, and I know I'll get there. I got lazy around vacation and didn't really recover 'til about two months ago. :) I used to teach aerobic dance, and that's when I was in my best shape. Well, those days are gone but I still do low-impact aerobics, fitness walking (when weather permits), a little yoga and Pilates, and some bellydance. I used to do cycling and swimming, too, but it got a little uncomfortable for my sensitive *ahem* area. (Can't tolerate chlorine anymore.)

I try to make sure I use music that really gets me going, and that's one way I can shut off my brain. Trance-like music for walking keeps me going but puts me in a semi-meditation state, and other appropriate music for the aerobics, etc., helps keep me geared toward that pace and keep my mind on what I'm doing rather than thinking about what I will be doing later! And I pump up the volume and turn up the bass. The neighbors STILL can't hear it, so I guess our house is very well-insulated.


I know of the C.S.I. episode, it was an absolutely terrifyingly bad coverage of furry, one of the worst, it concentrated entirely of fursuit sex, I think, yet claimed to be a documentary about "furry". It's generated quite a lot of confused hate mail towards furries even in this country, as ignorant people were grossed-out by an ignorant program.

Furry has only been covered "ok" once or twice, mostly it's been really poor fetish-style coverage. I was in one of the good ones, a few years ago, it got a re-run on British TV recently but I don't think it's ever crossed the Atlantic!

You're such a fighter! Most people with any problems seem to want the whole world to suffer too!

USA has good house insulation (noise, at least) that is much better than here. Our (masses of) cheap housing is terrible! But then again, I bet there's areas that are just as bad and good comparison would be a statistical nightmare...

Oh. It figures. I thought it seemed strange that people were dressed in all-over, heavy costumes, one of them like a rat or something! Well, the TV coverage on something that greatly concerns me has been pretty bad too, for the most part. The media's not too good at doing their homework and asking the people in-the-know about some of their topics!

Anything non-mainstream is usually treated with disdain or at least, suspicion. Mainstream media is looking for RATINGS, not accurate information... unfortunately.

Yes, I'm a fighter. I wouldn't be doing nearly as well as I am by now were I not! But no, I don't want the world to suffer. There were times I felt very angry and cheated, but I knew it was no one else's "fault," although I still blamed the medical circles for not studying vulvodynia sooner, and more seriously. It got put on the back-burner in the 1930's due to WWII and then didn't get picked up again 'til about 1980! So, that was 50 YEARS lost. Sometimes it still pisses me off. But, I figure I probably won't be in pain forever; or at least, I sure hope not. I'm a lot better than I was in the past, except for some flare-ups that probably could've been avoided. If the rest of the world were suffering, then nobody would be able to do any good and if I were all better, it would severely suck. ;)

Thank you

Hi Being a christian i do believe in God however i found your site very useful as it helped me get a better understanding of your religion it has helped me become a wider minded person, and helped me consider others view points

G (15)



Interestingly enough, I have that same picture.

But thats not the point. The point is, I think any group of Satanists holding up and championing the ideas in the Satanic Bible are Satanists. The thing about Satanism is, everybody will change it who comes into contact with it. Everybody will have a different view. The stupid thing is, not a lot of Satanists realize this. They accept individuality, but don't realize that this will prompt others to have different ideas and opinions. I think LaVey realized this would happen. I don't think he meant for the bickering that has gone on to go on (Like Zeena Shreck's Legend and Reality. It doesn't matter. She had a vendetta and all her rambling about her dad add up to Bullshit.) Did he not warn that Christians do this all the time? And Reiterate it in the Satanic Rituals?

Lucifer - or- Satan???

I have not done much indepth studying on this subject, although I have always been interested in other points of view, other faiths than the one I have been raised in, etc. My parents never felt threatened by those who "think outside the box", in fact, they encouraged it. This, I'm sure, may be considered a stupid question, and is I'm sure, very basic. Here goes - What is the difference between Satan and Lucifer? One source I ran into said that there was a technical difference but never elaborated. Could someone help me out? I'd like to have the correct information. I'll check back in a few days. Thanks a lot, Merri B.

Re: Lucifer - or- Satan??? explains the 'technical' differences between Lucifer and Satan in ancient history, and also explains what 'Lucifer' as a concept means to Satanists.

Satan is Love

I grew up memorizing the bible. That is what taught me that Satan is Love.
God is icky. I like pain.

Re: Satan is Love

This is the dumbest crap I've ever read. Devil worshippers, satanists, whatever you call yourselves, get a life for Pete's sake!

This is by far my favorite site to read. And Vexen is Hot.

What is "True Satanism"?

If you do not worship a god named satan you are not a satanist.

Re: What is "True Satanism"?

Who do Buddhists worship?

Who do Taoists worship?

Do Hindus worship a god called Hindu?

Your comparison is ignorant.

Perhaps you think communists worship communes?

The Dao of Taoists, the Buddha of Buddhists, the Satan of Satanists, and the communal good of communists: none of them are gods, yet, they still have descriptive words to describe their adherents. They are all ideals, philosophical points of inspiration so great that they affect peoples' whole lives (as religion tends to do).

Given all these comparison I have thought of in less than a minute, perhaps you could do well to think more before you speak.

Edited at 2008-01-27 06:44 pm (UTC)

Re: What is "True Satanism"?

Hi...I've just read a book in french which explain how to use the only satanic Tarot known...
You can find it here, but only in french for the moment :

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