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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Black room

When I cover my walls and ceiling in black material (either velvet, cloth, short fur), I frequently use drawing pins (tacks) on it to hold it in place. But most my tacks aren't black (they're natural gold or blue)... so finally I got fed up with this and have just gone around my walls painting the tops of all the tacks black with nail polish.

Even now I can see that I've missed one (above my wardrobe)... is this obsessive? I can't reach it without using my chair... so I'll get it later! *makes mental note*

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Your room gives me fear. The combination of matte black, satanic imagery, and floofy ickle squizzuls makes my eyes go funny.

So you can draw a conclusion:

  • Squirrels are therefore, Satanic and Evil! or
  • I'm a fluffy plushie-loving Satanist or
  • Both! - my mental site on squirrels :-)

", as I moved the plastic pitchfork off the bed to sit down, it banged into a rubber bat suspended from the ceiling..."

This is how your room will go down in my memoirs.

I hope your happy, chessmonsterobosquirrel.

Chess... of course!!

*Scampers off*

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